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Not Making the Cut

All human beings should "make the cut" simply because they are inviolate, unrepeatable, and irreplaceable human beings. The path to abortion and the road toward cloning is one that consistently and increasingly subordinates the primary good of the human being to some secondary good.

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The Human Genome in Human Context

The perceived dangers of genetic research fall into several categories, ranging from the practical to the apocalyptic. At the practical end are issues relating to medical privacy, the insurability of people with genetically identifiable risks for disease, and the use of genetic information to stigmatize or discriminate against individuals or groups.

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Is Bioethics Ethical?

Bioethicists spend much of their time arguing with one another, beneathor, more accurately, abovethe public radar, in arcane academic journals, books, university symposia, and government-appointed commissions.

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The Wisdom of Repugnance

If we should not underestimate the significance of human cloning, neither should we exaggerate its imminence or misunderstand just what is involved.

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Which Medical Ethics for the 21st Century?

Everyday we read and hear about the constant onslaught of controversial medical issues, e.g., euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, test-tube babies, cloning and stem cell research, creating monsters in the lab, etc. it is all coming down very fast and we will all have to make decisions about these and many other issues not even imagined yet in the 21st Century.

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When We Were Philosopher Kings

As a practitioner of a new medical specialty known as clinical ethics, Jonathan Moreno joins the burgeoning cadre of academics who are making the leap from the blackboard to the bedside.

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