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What We Do

Since 1996, CERC has been compiling an internet resource library and publishing a weekly e-newsletter of the most compelling and convincing articles we can find in the faith and culture category. We are educating a broad range of Catholics and enquiring non-Catholics about the positive role the Catholic Church has played and continues to play in the world. In addition, CERC has become a clearinghouse for the best well-reasoned responses to the secular culture's assaults on and misunderstandings of the Catholic Faith.

Our readers are worldwide and come to CERC searching for answers to complex problems. They are trying to understand how to be Catholic in today's age of immorality, uncertainty, and state-controlled media. To answer their questions, we research and reprint the best resources from across the web and print publishing, showcasing classic and current Catholic intellectuals and covering a wealth of subjects.

We want people to be aware that most of what the media says about the Church is, in fact, error—and they can find the truth here. We want people to know that the Catholic faith is not simply a list of rules, that in fact it holds God's blueprint for not just living—but flourishing. We want people to take hold of the objective, common-sense truths found on our site so that all might come to know, love, and be loved by God. 

Preserve the Truth

"I have followed the work of CERC for many years. It is among the very best online sources of faithful Catholic articles and reference materials available today." - Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia Charles J. Chaput

"CERC is a precious asset in helping all parties keep current with what is happening in the Church and the world. It is a valuable resource that deepens our understanding of how to think about and respond to contemporary challenges. For the new evangelization to be fruitful, the Church benefits from what CERC offers to its readers." - Archbishop of Vancouver J. Michael Miller

"The weekly update is essential reading for all who are interested in Catholic education and in the best that is being written and thought by Catholic writers across the English-speaking world." - Cardinal George Pell

CERC is committed to 

    • Creating and maintaining a free online resource library of existing articles that constitute the best contemporary articulation of orthodox Catholic thought.
    • Demonstrating that true faith and sound reason can never be in conflict. As Pope John Paul II said in Fides et Ratio, "Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth."
    • Arming readers with reliable responses to the misinformation about and vilification of the Catholic Church and her teachings.
    • Helping readers' interior lives by reprinting excerpts from the writings of the masters of the spiritual life and the Catholic intellectual tradition.
    • Publicizing research that demonstrates the personal and social benefits that accompany religious practice.
    • Raising awareness of the widespread persecution of people of faith.
    • Modeling and promoting respect in cultural and religious discussions.

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