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Answering Atheists Arguments

Dinesh D'Souza's recent article in the Christian Science Monitor stirred up a hornets nest of response from atheists. Todays atheists, D'Souza discovered from their missives, are a scrappy, disputatious bunch. The following article is his response to some of their assertions.

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Islam: A Primer

In January 2002 a group of journalists gathered at the Pier House in Key West, Florida, at the invitation of the Ethics and Public Policy Center for a two-day seminar. Its purpose was to enhance journalistic understanding of current religious and cultural issues. The session from which this "Conversation" is drawn featured Harvard historian Roy Mottahedeh, with a response by journalist Jay Tolson.

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The Consolation of a Good Murder Mystery

Personal trials and the chaos of summer have me buried in Agatha Christie yet again, seeking the distinct assurance that only a good murder mystery can provide. But what is it about a good who-done-it that calms our existential despair?

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