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October 17, 2018

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

"Assent to Jesus' summons has priority and demands totality," wrote Pope Benedict in this week's reflection.  See "Let the dead bury their dead."

The Synod on Young People is taking place in Vatican City from October 3rd to 28th.  Since its instrumentum laboris was released, concerns have been raised about the seeming willingness of the document to consider the alleged demands of young people for "a radical change, a real and true U-turn by the Church in its teaching in [sexuality] areas."  Cardinal Sarah insists, "Jesus did not lower the requirements of his call" and neither should the Church."  See "'Watering down' Church teaching won't attract young people."

Michael Pakaluk adds, "from the point of view of the Church, youth is for discernment towards a vocation in adulthood."  That is what the Synod should be about.

"Modeling Manhood: From Homer to Paul" is another great article on manhood.  "In Odysseus and Telemachus, masculinity is modeled by the courageous acceptance of duty.  In Christ and Paul, that model is elevated to that of the servant-leader — the man who accepts his role as a leader and fulfills his responsibilities in humility and service."

We hear from Cardinal Sarah again in "The Spirit of The Spirit of the Liturgy," his forward to a commemorative edition of Ratzinger's The Spirit of the Liturgy." He writes, "While Ignatius Press is an exemplary and utterly professional publisher, it is the sacred liturgy that is the veritable "source and summit" of its life and mission."  May it also be ours. - Meaghen Hale

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"The highest perfection consists not in interior favors or in great raptures or in visions, or in the spirit of prophecy, but in the bringing of our wills so closely in conformity with the will of God that, as soon as we realize that He wills anything, we desire it ourselves with all our might, and take the bitter with the sweet, knowing that to be His Majesty's will." - St. Teresa of Avila

New Resources

"Let the dead bury their dead" - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger - from Ministers of your joy: Scriptural Meditations on Priestly Spirituality

The second man the Lord encounters raises objections that are undoubtedly reasonable.

Cardinal Sarah: 'Watering down' Church teaching won't attract young people - Robert Cardinal Sarah - Catholic Herald

Young people are idealistic and want clarity, the cardinal said.

A Synod also on Vocational Discernment - Michael Pakaluk - The Catholic Thing

I bet you do not know that the official title of the current synod is "Youth, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment."

Modeling Manhood: From Homer to Paul - Regis Nicoll - Crisis

In Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey", a Greek war hero faces imposing challenges in his long journey home.

To Beatrix in the Shadows: Johnny Town-mouse After 100 Years - Sean Fitzpatrick - Crisis

One century ago, as the shadows of World War I were fading away, shadows were closing in on Beatrix.

Unknown Caller: a Review of "The Apparition" - Brad Miner - The Catholic Thing

"The Apparition", which opened early September, 2018 in a limited American release, is a very Catholic film.

The Spirit of The Spirit of the Liturgy - Cardinal Robert Sarah - Adoremus

"The Church stands and falls with the liturgy." - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

What Should You Do When Your Child Is Not Kind? - Thomas Lickona - Psychology Today blog

Kindness is the virtue of thinking of others — caring about their feelings, needs, and happiness.

The courage of Columbus - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

Last Sunday was the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, a conflict that saved civilization on the seventh of October, 1571.

28th Sunday in OT - Father John Horgan - CERC

Why do you call me good?

Editorials of Interest:

Editorials of Interest

Pope Francis Is Still Equivocating on the Sex-Abuse Crisis - The Atlantic

He stands by those to whom hes loyal but, when faced with new evidence, is also willing to change his mind.

Cardinal Ouellet Writes Open Letter to Archbishop Viganò - NC Register

The prefect for the Congregation for Bishops expresses his firm disagreement with the former nuncio's testimonies, calling his position "incomprehensible and extremely troubling" and offers to help him "return to communion" with the Holy Father.

Seven Notable Points From Cardinal Ouellet's 'Viganò Letter' - NC Register

While it points backward to St. John Paul and Benedict XVI and their senior officials, it also raises questions about those presently in office.

A bishop's failure to enforce canon law does not excuse his faithful from following it - In the Light of the Law

No matter what their archbishop doesn't say, pastors are still required by canon law not to admit to holy Communion those who 'obstinately persevere in manifest grave sin.'

Ask Father: "I feel that my Faith is just being torn apart" - Fr. Z's Blog

They don't have the faith to tear it apart. They can't tear apart what they don't have. That doesn't mean that they can't sow confusion. But they can't touch the Faith.

Put not thy trust in princes (of the Church) - The Catholic Thing

The church is not holy because saints preside over it. God's grace makes it holy.

The Catholic crisis, in perspective - CWR

"In spite of everything the newspapers say," says the German theologian (and baroness) Nina-Sophie Heereman, "the future of the [Latin-rite] Church belongs to the US!"

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, appoints him interim DC leader - CNA

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Washington's Cardinal Donald Wuerl on Friday, while asking the cardinal to continue leading the Archdiocese of Washington on an interim basis until a permanent successor is appointed.

Asia Bibi death sentence appeal: Pakistani Christians call for day of fasting and prayer - Catholic Herald

She was condemned after drinking water from a supply used by Muslims.

Central African Republic: Dozens feared dead after massacre in Bria - World Watch Monitor

In Central African Republic, Islamist rebels attacked a group of civilians in the central town of Bria earlier this month.

Nigeria: Christians Slaughtered by Radicals in Mass Raid - The Christian Post

Seventeen Christians, including four children and one grandmother, were shot dead last week by Fulani radicals who raided their homes in Jos, Nigeria.

Priest's body found in Rosarito - CCD

In Rosarito, the priest was found inside a vehicle, which was impacted against a slope of land, while the body showed several injuries caused by firearms.

Cardinal O'Malley expands sex abuse investigation to include all Boston seminaries - CNA

Cardinal O'Malley expands sex abuse investigation to include all Boston seminaries.

Hoax offers hope that post-modernist madness is fading - Mercatornet

A hilarious send-up of academic twaddle makes a serious point.

"No One Dies Alone" program comforts the lonely in their last moments - Aleteia

Unfortunately there are many instances in which people shuffle off this mortal coil in a small, dimly lit hospital room, with no company at all. This increasingly common situation has inspired a new hospital program.

There are still good reasons for becoming a Catholic - Boston Globe

Talk about going against the flow: Thousands of Americans choose to join the Catholic Church each year.

Should You Marry Someone With Different Beliefs? - uCatholic

In the case of romantic relationships, choose someone you admire, not just someone you are attracted to. Choose someone whose qualities inspire you to the degree that the possibility of becoming more like them doesn't bother you.

Tips for When Your Husband's Not On Board With NFP - Natural Womanhood

They say it takes two to tango — and it also takes two to practice natural family planning, or NFP.

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