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April 17, 2019

Note from the Managing Editor:

It is an incredible honour and blessing to be able to sit here at my desk in Powell River and put CERC together week after week. 

And I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support and encouragement year after year.  On behalf of Meaghen, Harvey, and our US and Canadian boards, please allow me to wish you all a blessing-filled Easter. - J. Fraser Field


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"Love alone brings a human being to full awareness of personal existence. For it is in love alone that man finds room enough to be what he is." - Dietrich von Hildebrand

New Resources

Come to Me - Father Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis - from Fire of Mercy: Heart of the Word

Coming to Jesus is the condition for finding relief.

The Church and the scandal of sexual abuse - Pope Benedict XVI - Catholic News Agency

The following essay by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI was published on April 4, 2019.

Benedict and the Scandal - Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. - First Things

Throughout his brief text, Ratzinger has moments of insight and genius that fall like rain in a desert, especially today.

Thank You!—Pope Benedict XVI Offers a Salve to His Hurting Children - Janet E. Smith - National Catholic Register

We must be those who stand up for God and his Church and let no one drive us away from that without which we cannot live and breathe.

Your Kids Being Monsters With Each Other? - Thomas Lickona - Psychology Today

Teach them how to solve their conflicts fairly.

Stressed out over confession? Maybe you're over-complicating it - Philip Kosloski and Patty Knap - Aleteia

Don't make the sacrament of confession more difficult than it has to be.

Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence - Alex Berenson - Imprimis

Seventy miles northwest of New York City is a hospital that looks like a prison, its drab brick buildings wrapped in layers of fencing and barbed wire.

Jesus and his shabby spectacle - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

Jesus orchestrated the Palm Sunday spectacle just as He, as Divine Wisdom, orchestrated the elegant harmony of the celestial spheres.

Editorials of Interest:

Benedict Speaks - First Things

Editorials of Interest

Notre Dame Cathedral spire collapses as Paris monument is consumed by fire - Washington Post

"Everything is burning. Nothing will remain from the frame."

The history of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris - CNA

Construction on the Gothic-style cathedral began over 850 years ago and took nearly 200 years to fully complete.

European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched "Every Day" - Gatestone Institute

"It is not the perpetrators who are in danger of being ostracized, but those who dare to associate the desecration of Christian symbols with immigrant imports."

'He made straight for the relics': Firefighter chaplain saves Crown of Thorns - Aleteia

Providentially, his last name means "fire tender".

Benedict Speaks - First Things

We can't escape our problems by creating another Church. We also can't escape by pretending we live in another era, one undefiled by '68 and the imperative of release.

More doubts about controversial Pell guilty verdict - Mercatornet

Could the witness have been influenced by a similar case in the US?

Doing the Right Thing Moment by Moment - Catholic Stand

The decision not to sin is especially important because, even when I do not sin, there are always other obstacles and limitations that will get in the way of the goals I set out to achieve.

Fénelon on Perseverance in Prayer - Amish Catholic

If then, the Almighty do not grant our petitions, let us adore His justice, let us be silent, let us humble ourselves, and let us pray without ceasing.

The Veils of Passiontide - LAJ

In the traditional Roman liturgical calendar, the final two weeks before Easter Sunday are known as Passiontide and a beautiful tradition unfolds at this time whereby statues and other sacred images are veiled.

Catholic doctor gives medical view of Christ's passion, crucifixion - CNS

Jesus likely died from excessive blood loss, a Catholic surgeon said April 4 during a talk that examined the 18 hours of Christ's passion and crucifixion from a medical perspective.

Serial vandal targets the Virgin Mary in California - Aleteia

St. Margaret Mary's Catholic Church is the second victim of vandalism in one month.

A Military Widow's Journey of Faith - Unleash the Gospel

A black dress — on loan from a fellow Army wife — would have to do for the funeral. The majority of clothes don't fit at 38 weeks of pregnancy. The baby would be induced to allow the mother to travel by plane to the funeral at West Point. And the baby would be there, too.

What dying children say gives their life the most meaning - Aleteia

It's not social media or watching more TV...

L'Arche: Failures are 'systemic' in NHS treatment of the disabled - CWR

The international federation L'Arche says that a British hospital's mistreatment of a man with Down syndrome in the weeks leading up to his death point to systemic faults in the medical care of the disabled, especially within the UK's NHS.

Thank You!—Pope Benedict XVI Offers a Salve to His Hurting Children - Janet Smith - National Catholic Register

We must be those who stand up for God and his Church and let no one drive us away from that without which we cannot live and breathe.

The Abandonment of Professional Ethics, Individual Nurses, and the Patient - Public Discourse

The American Nurses Association Draft Position Statement on nursing and assisted suicide completely upends the proper role of nurses, leaving those who object without support.

We Hide The Truth About Abortion Because It Condemns Us All - The Federalist

The way out of despair is the courage to look at wrongdoing plainly, acknowledge it, confess it, beg forgiveness, and shine a light so that others might see their way out as well.

How Socialists Will Usher in a New Hell on Earth - Crisis Magazine

We may face the coming hell of an America without charity.

The Moral Peril of Meritocracy - NY Times

Our individualistic culture inflames the ego and numbs the spirit. Failure teaches us who we are.

Unsilencing the Writing Workshop - Literary Hub

When the writer gets to talk about what they're trying to do, they discover something more about what they actually are doing.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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