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July 24, 2019

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

Last week I wrote in this space that we would be breaking for the summer and that you should not expect another update until September 4.  Then we decided to post one more. The CERC update below does not include any new articles added to our site.  Expect your next update on September 4. Here's Meaghen's note. - J. Fraser Field

On Sunday, I found three kittens along the L.A. River close to my house.  They seem well fed, but my husband, David, and I have been bringing them food and water twice a day.  The kittens are extremely sweet and friendly, and just being around them lifts my mood.  They've made me ponder how God gives you exactly what you need, when you need it — even if you don't know you do.

I know you will find something you need in this week's newsletter.  We recommend the "Full text of Cardinal Mueller's analysis on the working document of the Amazon synod."

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go." - Father William Faber

Editorials of Interest:

Adding P to LGBT - The Catholic Thing
The Terror of Goodbye - First Things

Editorials of Interest

Full text of Cardinal Mueller's analysis on the working document of the Amazon synod - CWR

"What is missing in the IL is a clear witness to the self-communication of God in the verbum incarnatum, to the sacramentality of the Church, to the Sacraments as objective means of Grace instead of mere self-referential symbols."

Clericalism and the disappearance of popular devotions - CWR

Encouraging the laity to be more engaged with the Mass doesn't require a diminishment of devotional life outside the Mass. But in the iconoclastic, "purifying" mood of the 20th century, that's what happened.

Skepticism over New Calls to Abandon Priestly Celibacy - Crisis Magazine

An outspoken opponent of calls to dispense with celibacy, Fr. Carter Griffin's defense of celibacy relies on a robust understanding of the priest as father.

Warning: New Ager Fr. Richard Rohr is making a comeback - Leila Miller

When I started this post, I tried to be thoughtful and write only in measured tones. But the more I read Rohrís work and growing influence among Catholics and watched his videos and interviews, the more I wanted to scream out a warning to the sheep about this wolf.

Chicago woman's healing is miracle in Cardinal Newman's sainthood cause - Crux

"I was cured through Newman's intercession so that I could continue an ordinary life, if you will, but at the same time be completely devoted to him and especially God himself and our church."

Five truths Jean Vanier learned living in community with the mentally disabled - One Life LA

Jean Vanier lived in community with the mentally disabled. In turn, they taught him what it means to be human.

How fathers influence their daughters' romantic relationships - Mercatornet

More evidence of the value of active fathers.

What It's Like to Have Nine Kids - National Review

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy caused quite the stir recently when she announced that she and her husband — Representative Sean Duffy — are expecting their ninth child.

Adding P to LGBT - The Catholic Thing

I don't want to write about pedophilia. You don't want to read about it. But the threat of pedophilia becoming acceptable isn't going away.

The Cracks in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism - Public Discourse

The transgender castle that radicals have constructed by sheer force of will is built on shifting sand without supports of any kind. The wave that will sweep it away is gaining strength. May the time come soon when we will all say, with observers of past hysterias, "How could we have believed that?"

Can Morality Be Grounded in Science? - Crisis Magazine

Sam Harris is an atheist a moral realist who believes in objective moral truths — truths, he is confident, that can be grounded in science to form a system of shared moral values.

The Federalist Option for Higher Education - Law & Liberty

What if students were trained and housed in their particular colleges yet examined by the university? Instructors and colleges would be in competition with each other to produce the best students with the best results.

A Letter To My Aborted Siblings - Human Defense

My sweetest big brother and sister. Words cannot describe how much I love and miss you.

Mourning aborted siblings: ministries help cope with great loss - NC Register

Family members affected by the decision to end a life in the womb are finding ways to redress their feelings of loss, guilt, grief and anger.

NY Times asks questions about sex that JPII answered - NC Register

Something "more" is happening in sex than a mere hookup. The truth of that something is what fills in the rest of sexual ethics beyond the "flimsy" ethic of consent and insists that what we do sexually can be wrong even if we both agree to do it.

The Philosophical Effects of Broken Homes - Underground Thomist

Mothers and fathers, if you are having difficulties, I hope you will resist the temptation to think of divorce as an escape.

How do you know that God is good? - Aleteia

Well, one way is by considering what he asks of us, and in asking, gives us the grace to live.

Practicing Christians Who Don't Believe - Crisis Magazine

Most of us have probably wondered why people who clearly do not believe in Catholicism choose to remain within the Church, actively working to undermine its doctrines, structures, and practices.

The Terror of Goodbye - First Things

When we see the elders of Christ's Church engaging in behavior that denigrates the Church's most fundamental teachings, can we be surprised if we find ourselves doubting first of all their faith and, perhaps, the reliability of our own?

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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