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July 29, 2020

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

This week's newsletter is like a refreshing blast of cold water on a hot summer day — it's packed with the cool voice of reason.

We begin with a short reflection from Cardinal Robert Sarah (although you could probably spend an hour pondering each sentence): "The combat against evil plays out over time, and it is important to persevere and not to lose hope.  ... The time will come when evil will be destroyed by good."

Robert P. George makes some excellent distinctions in "On critics and bullies."  I particularly liked this one: "A critic wants to disabuse you of an error; a bully wants to deprive you of your livelihood — both as a punishment for wrongthink and pour encourager les autres."

In "To My Black Brothers and Sisters," Fr.  Richard Cipolla cautions to think twice before toppling your nearest historical statue.  As an example: "Despite Columbus' real personal failings, he nevertheless brought the Christian faith to the New World, without which the bane of slavery for black people in this country would have never been abolished."

Finally, a strong word of encouragement from Msgr. Charles Pope: "Decide Now Whom You Will Fear."  "Fearing the opinion of the world and human beings more than God makes us silent and too easily conformed to a world opposed to Him."  We don't have to be silent.

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"Now let us abolish the terms 'conservative' or 'liberal,' the terms 'left' and 'right,' which are secularistic. I suggest that we say from now on 'those who have kept the sense of the supernatural and those who have lost it.' That is the great divide; that is the essence." - Alice von Hildebrand

New Resources

The harvest is the end of the age - Robert Cardinal Sarah - from The Power of Silence Against the Dictatorship of Noise

"God always watches over us." — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

On critics and bullies - Robert P. George - Heterodox Academy

There is an astonishing amount of bullying going on right now — in academia and elsewhere.

A US Bishop Discovers the Traditional Latin Mass - Bree A. Dail - National Catholic Register

Bishop Joseph Strickland discusses what inspired him to celebrate the extraordinary form of the Mass.

To My Black Brothers and Sisters - Fr. Richard Cipolla - The Catholic Thing

Beware of those who topple statues of all sorts and conditions of men.

Decide Now Whom You Will Fear - Monsignor Charles Pope - National Catholic Register

The Lord speaks to us today (the 12th Sunday of the Year) of one of the most central struggles in our life: fear.

Beyond Reparations - Theodore Dalrymple - Taki's Magazine

There is no proposal so foolish that it has no advocates, or sometimes even its fanatics. If hope springs eternal in the human breast, delusion springs eternal from the human head.

A Fragile Peace for Catholic Education - Patrick J. Reilly. - Crisis

Despite recent encouraging court victories, it would be a mistake to believe that Catholic education is secure.

The fabric of a society without a soul - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

As a psychosis, "self-mutilation syndrome" is rooted in self-loathing and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Editorials of Interest:

Honoring the Elderly - First Things

Editorials of Interest

A shocking Vatican perspective on the pandemic - Catholic Culture

Despite stretching to well over 4,000 words, the Vatican document does not mention God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, prayer, or even charity.

The Miracle at Saint Michael's - Crisis Magazine

An interview with Father Justin Ramos of the Advancement Office at Saint Michael's Abbey.

The stones of the Hagia Sophia will still cry out - CWR

Turkey's own version of "cancel culture" has been met with outrage and concern throughout the world.

4 of the best Catholic Bible studies to do at home this summer - Aleteia

Which study is right for you? These are the differences between four of the best options.

Honoring the Elderly - First Things

In misguided attempts to save space in hospitals for younger people, a handful of Democratic governors — with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the lead — sent elderly COVID-positive patients to nursing homes, creating wildfires of infection and death.

Poll: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They're Afraid to Share - CATO Institute

50% of strong liberals support firing Trump donors, 36% of strong conservatives support firing Biden donors; 32% are worried about missing out on job opportunities because of their political opinions.

Ibram X. Kendi, Prophet of Anti-racism - National Review

He says we must fight discrimination with discrimination, and that it's racist to disagree.

The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility - The Atlantic

The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people.

Marxist Iconoclasm: Why Smashing Abe Lincoln Makes Sense, And MLK Is Next - The Way of Beauty

Marxists spend years at university studying their narrative and how to make it happen. Studying Salvation History with Pontifex University is the necessary antidote to Marxist theory. This is a Catholic formation for those interested in authentic social justice.

The Ideological Corruption of Science - WSJ

In American laboratories and universities, the spirit of Trofim Lysenko has suddenly been woke.

The Nantes Cathedral fire is a symptom of a growing problem across Europe - CWR

Churches and other public Christian symbols are lightning rods for many ideological groups, from anarchists to radical feminists; from Islamists to Antifa. And as we've seen in both Europe and America, these groups are increasingly active — and violent.

The Holocaust The New York Times Ignored - YouTube

Between 1932 and 1933, the Soviet Union deliberately starved to death somewhere between 7 and 10 million people, mostly Ukrainians, in an act of genocide known as the Holodomor.

NFP & Infertility Part 1: Hannah - Total W(h)ine

Today's story will come in two parts. Hannah and Chris share their struggles of remaining faithful to the teachings of the Catholic faith and God's plan for their marriage, while bearing the cross of infertility.

NFP & Infertility Part 2: Chris - Total W(h)ine

Today's story will come in two parts. Hannah and Chris share their struggles of remaining faithful to the teachings of the Catholic faith and God's plan for their marriage, while bearing the cross of infertility.

NFP & Marriage: Brendan and Valerie - Total W(h)ine

Brendan and Valerie's NFP journey all started with a conversation in the car when they were dating. That turned out to be a great way to start things off as serious medical issues rose up around their family planning making NFP essential.

NFP & Marriage: Deanna and Michael - Total W(h)ine

With 4 children in 6 years of marriage, Michael and Deanna might not sound like an NFP "success." However, NFP has helped train them in humility and complete trust in God, even through moments of loss and unexpected surprises.

NFP & Married: Gillian and Tim - Total W(hine)

Think NFP is only for Catholics? Think again. Gillian and Tim share how they have discovered both the sacrifice and beauty of NFP and grown in love despite their different faiths.S

Face time: here's how infants learn from facial expressions - The Conversation

Around eight to 12 months of age, infants learn that they can use information from other people's faces — especially their mom's — to help them figure out what to do in new situations.

'Celestial sleuth' sheds new light on Vermeer's masterpiece 'View of Delft' - Physorg

Based on new research, Vermeer painted "View of Delft" from the second floor of an inn overlooking the city and was inspired by the scene that he observed on or near September 3, 1659 (or an earlier year) at 8 a.m. local mean time.

St. John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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