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July 27, 2022
Note from the Managing Editor
"God has made man's spirit unstable and changeable in order that man would not abide in evildoing, and also that, once in possession of the good, he would not stop short, but would step up from one good to a higher one, and to a loftier one still."

A quote from our reflection this week. I had always seen my instability and changeableness as a severe imperfection—rather than that which can precisely lead me to God.

And thank God for that changeableness, which so recently has led the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. In light of this ruling, I must recommend Dr. Christina Francis' testimony for a congressional hearing on "The Impacts of Taking Away the Constitutional Right to Abortion."

It lays out the truth about the deleterious effects of abortion on mothers—physical and mental. For example: women who abort are at an exponentially higher risk for maternal mortality, future preterm birth (which has its own long-term complications for the health of the mother), mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide. It is lengthy but well worth the read and a requirement for anyone embarking on a discussion with those who still see abortion as a viable option.

Our weekly newsletter will be on hiatus over August, but we will be back with a new update on September 6th.

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez
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  "Morality is always dreadfully complicated to a man who has lost all his principles." - G.K. Chesterton  
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St. John Henry Cardinal Newman
and St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.
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