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May 11, 2022
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  "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." - C.S. Lewis  
New Resources
The Way to the Father
Pope Benedict XVI, Homily
The Lord said to his disciples: Believe in God, believe also in me (Jn 14:1).
Our Disastrous Failure to Follow the Science
Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing
Consider these statements: "The earth revolves around the sun..."
Why We Hunger for Beauty
Francis X. Maier, First Things
This essay is excerpted and adapted from comments delivered on April 29 at the Scala Foundation's conference "Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good."
Evelyn Waugh's Warning About Vatican II
Robert Garnett, Crisis Magazine
Evelyn Waugh, Catholic convert and the most interesting English novelist of the twentieth century, could be rebarbative.
A Chapter that Changed My Life: "Diary of a Country Priest"
Dr. Tod Worner, Word on Fire
"I have seen the devil, as I see you, since my childhood." - George Bernanos
A Man's Fear about Being a Man
John Cuddeback, LifeCraft
"If men could be contented to be what they are, there were no fear in marriage." - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well
Editorials of Interest
On the Consummate Statecraft of Samuel Alito
The Catholic Thing
I have to confess that when the news broke last night and I read that careful, exhaustive, impressive opinion from Justice Alito, my eye moved to those key points for which I was looking.
The Sciences and Homophiliac Synodality
The Catholic Thing
Cardinal Peter Turkson, a Ghanaian who has long been involved in Vatican international activities, was named this week as Chancellor of both the Pontifical Council of Sciences and the Pontifical Council of Social Sciences.
While Pope apologizes, Canadian churches burn
Catholic Culture
Pope Francis apologized for the role of the Church in Canada's residential schools.
Douglas Murray 'The War On The West' Review
Entertainment Focus
The author provides a spirited fightback against anti-Western revisionism.
No "just wars"?
Denver Catholic
Every war is a defeat for humanity, because men and women endowed with reason should be able to resolve their differences without mass violence.
The war has helped to resurrect Poland's Catholic church
The Spectator
In my wife's home city of Wroclaw, there's a luxury hotel named after John Paul II.
The Four Types of Pride and How to Root Them Out
Catholic Exchange
The Seven Deadly Sins are so insidious because they often take root to such a degree that they manifest as immutable personality traits.
What does the Church teach about generational curses?
Generational curses are not formally taught by the Church, but neither are they denied.
Technology and the Soul: The Spiritual Lessons of Digital Distraction
Public Discourse
The age of digital media has unleashed a profoundly threatening human experiment.
A reminder: You can't change sex.
Charlotte Was Both
"Trans" not an actual thing, but is a word that covers a variety of mental illnesses, anxiety disorders, social rebellion, social contagion and paraphilias.
What Happens to the Remains of Aborted Babies?
NC Register
These children are often treated as medical waste. But several states mandate cremation or burial. In addition, the Church works to ensure they are shown respect.
When wokeism is changing your child's school
The B.C. CatholicIn recent weeks, the following incidents took place, all involving people I know who live near me.
Embracing Our Limits: Dedication in a World of Endless Choice
Public Discourse
Two new books urge readers to make a stand against the chaos and vapidity of our world by delineating a small corner of it that will demand our care and attention, making choices that limit yet enrich our existence.
Making Difficult, Life-Changing Decisions
Blessed Is She
I couldn't believe what I had just heard: "Be open to discerning everything all over again."
A Catholic Guide to Sex and Intimacy
"Marriage is what brings us together, today."
What they don't tell you about motherhood: An Open Letter to Women
We deserve so much better than the lies we're told.
Disney Has Been Corrupting Kids for Decades
Crisis Magazine
Disney has officially declared itself a woke leader, vowing to fight Florida's newly-minted Parental Rights in Education Law while advancing the rainbow agenda to the youngest of its viewers.
St. John Henry Cardinal Newman
and St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.
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