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October 18, 2017

Note from the Assistant Editor:

We begin this week with a piece from Caryll Houselander.  "We are here to help one another.  We are here to help Christ in one another."  See "Sharing in the Exaltation of the Cross."

The Harvey Weinstein affair is the latest Hollywood sex scandal and we reprint two worthy pieces about it.  David Warren's irony is both thick and delightfully subtle in "Of Women & Power."  Then Fr. Raymond de Souza surveys the cultural impact of the revelations.  "The tale so often replicated in other parts of our culture has finally touched a sector deeply corrupt and most influential, that of celebrity entertainment."  See "Weinstein's downfall must be traumatizing for Hollywood hypocrites".

Then Fr. Matthew Pittam explains "Why the rosary works wonders in youth ministry." 

"The great saints know that consolation, while welcome, lovely and delightful, is more like the icing on the cake and not the substance of the spiritual life," says Fr. Robert McTeigue in "When darkness falls, how shall we pray?" The first step is to recognize that periods of desolation are normal.  "We can prepare or be surprised."

Finally, Fr. George Rutler points out "a bit of unintentional black humor" from a moment of panic in London.  Terrorism has put our world on high alert, but panic at a man claiming, "Death is not the end" is perhaps because "The good news of eternal glory is no more vital than ramblings in the Qur'an or Upanishads for those who translate the meaning of life according to their limited narcissistic vocabulary."  See "Those who self-evacuate."

Have a blessed week! - Meaghen Hale

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"A mind that is never stern or indignant is either without love, or else is dead to the distinction between right and wrong." - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

New Resources

Sharing in the Exaltation of the Cross - Caryll Houselander - The Way of the Cross

A man who claims to be self-sufficient and not to need any other man's help in hardship and suffering has no part in Christ.

Of Women & Power - David Warren - The Catholic Thing

Harvey Weinstein is a lusty old goat, if we can believe reports in our tabloid media.

Weinstein's downfall must be traumatizing for Hollywood hypocrites - Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Post

The tale so often replicated in other parts of our culture has finally touched a sector deeply corrupt and most influential, that of celebrity entertainment.

The Devil's in the Diction - Theodore Dalrymple - City Journal

The vague terms that populate our political discourse encourage lazy and often deeply biased thinking.

Why the rosary works wonders in youth ministry - Father Matthew Pittam - Catholic Herald

On the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, a priest explains the transformative effect of this traditional devotion.

Caroline Chisholm - John Janaro - Magnificat

Two hundred years ago, Australia was virtually unknown to most of the world.

When darkness falls, how shall we pray? - Father Robert McTeigue, S.J. - Aleteia

One of the most insidious lies of Hell is that desolation will never end.

Those who "self-evacuate" - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

A bit of unintentional black humor made its way into the news some days ago, in an account of people panicking at rush hour on a commuter train in southwest London outside Wimbledon Station.

28th Sunday in OT - Father John Horgan - CERC

God the Father's banquet.

Editorials of Interest:

The '70s and Us - New York Times
What is happening at Mass? - Catholic World Report
An Integrated Humanist - First Things

Editorials of Interest

Full text: Pope's address to conference on protecting children in a digital world - Aleteia

"What are we doing to ensure that children can continue smiling at us, with clear eyes and faces filled with trust and hope? What are we doing to make sure that they are not robbed of this light?"

Cardinal Burke On His New Appointment to Church's Highest Court - NC Register

His role will allow him to assist in the work of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and serve as a judge when asked to do so.

Archbishop Gomez delivers homily at the annual Red Mass in Washington D.C. - Angelus

Remembering St. Junípero and the first missionaries changes how we remember our national story. It reminds us that America's first beginnings were not political. America's first beginnings were spiritual.

Catholic Community Life on the Wane? - NC Register

"Rising affluence has made associational life less necessary for purposes of gaining material benefits" but "we have lost much by doing less together." Catholic parishes must address the consequences.

How online propaganda is tearing the Church apart - Catholic Herald

It's not easy to take a step back from all this, especially when the Pope himself specializes in sending out conflicting signals. But perhaps we're not stepping back far enough.

The '70s and Us - New York Times

Many people don't realize that the worst of "the Sixties" actually occurred during the 1970s.

Isolated Catholic village on Lebanon/Syria border: 'We beg you, help us!' - Crux

El-Kaa faces multiple existential threats, including Islamic extremism, a severe economic slump, and the sudden influx of 1,500 Syrian Christian refugees on top of the local population of just 2,500.

Middle East's well-kept secret revealed when Jihad met the Virgin - Crux

Muslims who embrace Christianity face special challenges, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen,.

How Vulgarity Normalizes Predators - First Things

All sexual assailants and workplace harassers depend on structures of power and norms to help them harm others. We give them cover when we normalize behavior that is just shy of assault.

Trump administration lays out principles for protecting religious freedom - CNA

The memos were issued in response to an executive order signed by President Trump in May, declaring, "It shall be the policy of the executive branch to vigorously enforce Federal law's robust protections for religious freedom."

Discover the family-planning app that can free you from the pill - Aleteia

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl, the Swedish scientist who designed it, says it's as effective as oral contraceptives — but without the side effects.

I'm same-sex attracted and I'm voting No - Mercatornet

No one should be surprised therefore when members of the gay community also wisely recognise that saying No is often necessary for the common good. Every serious parent instinctively knows this.

'There is No Science': 3 Doctors Discuss Dangers for Trans-Identified Kids - The Stream

There's not enough evidence to support starting gender dysphoric children on hormone therapy. Existing evidence shows doing so is actually harmful.

The Fallacy of Placing Faith in Science Rather than in God - Catholic Stand

What science has to offer has become a belief system itself. And this "religion" fails to offer any sound, unchanging, and omnipotent foundation.

What Proverbs 31 Says About Alcohol - NC Register

A Catholic Commentary on Scripture refers to "Two proper occasions for the use of wine, bodily suffering and mental distress."

At an Ordinariate Mass, I witnessed the real spirit of Vatican II - Catholic Herald

This was, unmistakably, "above all things the worship of the divine Majesty" done with the rare kind of "noble simplicity" where that phrase's first word is given quite as much weight as the latter.

What is happening at Mass? - Catholic World Report

Christianity is not a philosophy, ideology, or religious program; it is a friendship with the Son of God, risen from the dead. There is simply no more intense union with Jesus than the Mass.

An Integrated Humanist - First Things

John Senior and two colleagues, Dennis Quinn and Frank Nelick, established in 1970 an Integrated Humanities Program in one of the five collegiate subdivisions of the University of Kansas.

Augustine's Confessions: Dialogue With God - NY Review of Books

Ruden has managed to give as rich and as diverse a profile to the God on the far side as she does to the irrepressible and magnetically articulate Latin author who cries across the abyss to Him.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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