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The Catholic Education Resource Center is a free online archive of the most compelling and well-reasoned arguments for the Faith and living the Good Life. One of the first Catholic websites on the internet, it was established in 1996 by educator Fraser Field to showcase the depth and richness of the cultural and intellectual heritage of the Church. He wrote, "The Catholic Church is not only the great defender of Christian faith in the world but the principal defender of reason as well." We are dedicated not only to preserving this hertitage but also to helping Catholics around the world receive their inheritance.

Preserve the Truth

Meaghen Gonzalez is the Editor of the Catholic Education Resource Center. After receiving a BA in Literature from Ave Maria University in Florida, she worked as Assistant Production Editor at Ignatius Press in San Francisco and as Managing Editor of Catholic Insight magazine in Toronto. In addition to her work with CERC, she teaches with Wisdom Home Schooling, an online Socratic program. She also writes and co-produces short films with her independent production company, SotaCan Films, and has written for Yippee TV, the Trinity Broadcasting Network kids' channel.

Meaghen GonzalezMeaghen Gonzalez, Editor in Chief


J. Fraser Field is a teacher, author, and publisher. In 1997, he founded The Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC) and worked full-time developing CERC until his retirement in 2021. In 2007, the Catholic Civil Rights League awarded Fraser the Archbishop Adam Exner Award for Catholic Excellence in Public Life.

Mr. Field bgJ. Fraser Field, Founder and Editor Emeritus



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