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The Lord of History

The so-called Respect for Marriage Act has pushed the issue of gay marriage back into the spotlight and, with it, the slogan "The right side of history."

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In Memoriam: Ian Ker (1942-2022)

The great biographer of Newman, a convert from Anglicanism, always inspired fondness in those who reveled in his wit, his bonhomie, his learning, and his very real, if inconspicuous pietas.

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First and Second Things

Until quite modern times—I think, until the time of the Romantics—nobody ever suggested that literature and the arts were an end in themselves.

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The Church Needs Beauty

Last week, Frank La Rocca's Mass of the Americas debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart for traditional classical music, knocking John Williams down to No. 2.

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Understanding the New Abnormal

Let's start with a simple irony. Much of today's chatter about "defending democracy," the sanctity of personal rights, and the sacred quality of human dignity comes from people who, consciously or otherwise, jeopardize all three by their actions.

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Introduction to The Saint Mary's Anthology of Christian Verse

Recently, I was amused to see that Philip Larkin—by any chalk a fairly decided critic—in making his selections for The Oxford Book of Twentieth Century Verse (1973) chose to rely rather heavily on the taste and judgement of his well-read friend Monica Jones, which confirms my now well-earned sense that compiling an anthology of poetry is no cakewalk.

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