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Beyond the Death of God

While our attention has been riveted on the momentous political and ideological realignments that mark the century's end, we have all but overlooked a quiet revolution in scientific understanding with far more radical implications for the modern world view.

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New Physics, New Theology

John Polkinghorne's Belief in God in an Age of Science, based on his Terry Lectures at Yale, explores the sweeping consequences of recent revolutions in science for the conflict between skepticism and faith.

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Science and Religion in Identity Crisis

Three hundred or so years ago not a few scientists spoke of science and religion as united in a holy alliance. Two hundred years later theologians could do little about the warfare in which science and religion appeared to be locked forever.

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The Genesis Controversy

While it may be too early for obituaries, the original theory of evolution, as well as the synthetic theory which has to some extent replaced it, are in serious trouble.

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