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Rethinking Thinking

While we are not angels fallen from heaven, we are not just neural machines. Nor are we merely exceptionally clever chimps.

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Humans in Frozen Orphanages

A key argument in the embryonic stem cell debate widely invoked by scientists, patient advocacy groups, and politicians involves the fate of frozen embryos.

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When Nothing Created Everything

I've decided to take the elements of materialism and shape them into a purportedly accurate, though mythic, narrative. This is what our culture has been missing for far too long — a creation story for young atheistic materialists.

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Fathers of Science

Apologists and well-read Catholics can point to many priest-scientists and declare forcefully what Fr. Georges Lemaître discoverer of the "Big Bang" robustly proclaimed in 1933: "There is no conflict between religion and science."

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Science and the Demands of Virtue

Contrary to the popular understanding, the natural sciences are not morally neutral. Not only do the findings of science have moral implications, the actual work of scientific research presupposes that the researcher himself is a man of virtue.

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Are Catholics Creationists?

Today, the Pope Pius V University in Rome will be the setting for a day-long conference with the arresting title, The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution.

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