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The Providence of God


Let us trust ourselves entirely to God and his providence.


First make an act of faith in God's Providence. Meditate well on the truth that God's continual care extends not only to all things in general but to each particular thing, and especially to ourselves, our souls and bodies, and everything that concerns us. Nothing escapes his loving watchfulness — our work, our daily needs, our health as well as our infirmities, our life and our death, even the smallest hair on our head which cannot fall without his permission.

After this act of faith, make an act of hope. Excite in yourself a firm trust that God will provide for all you need, will direct and protect you with more than a Father's love and vigilance, and guide you in such a way that, whatever happens, if you submit to him everything will turn out for your happiness and advantage, even the things that may seem quite the opposite.

To these two an act of charity should be added. Show your deep love and attachment for divine providence as a child shows for its mother by taking refuge in her arms. Say how highly you esteem all his intentions, however hidden they may be, in the knowledge that they spring from an infinite wisdom which cannot make a mistake and supreme goodness which can wish only the perfection of his creatures. Determine that this feeling will have a practical result in making you ready to speak out in defense of providence whenever you hear it denied or criticized ...

Let us then trust ourselves entirely to God and his providence and leave him complete power to order our lives, turning to him lovingly in every need and awaiting his help without anxiety. Leave everything to him and he will provide us with everything, at the time and in the place and in the manner best suited. He will lead us on our way to that happiness and peace of mind for which we are destined in this life as a foretaste of the everlasting happiness we have been promised.




columbiereSaint Claude de la Colombiere. S.J. "The Providence of God." excerpt from Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence (Charlotte, NC: Tan Books, 1984).

Reprinted with permission from Tan Books.

The Author

colombiere1colombiere Saint Claude de la Colombiere. S.J. (1641-1682) promoted the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was the confessor of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Claude de la Colombiere was born of French noble parents in 1641. In 1674, after 15 years of Jesuit life, Colombiere took a personal vow to observe the Rule and Constitutions of the Society of Jesus. He is the author of Claude La Colombiere Sermons: Volume I: Christian Conduct, The Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence, The Faithful Servant: Spiritual Retreats And Letters Of Blessed Claude La Colombiere, and Spiritual Direction of St Claude de La Columbiere

Copyright © 1984 Tan Books
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