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Love, the Eucharist, and the Heart of Jesus


Devotion to the Blessed Eucharist and devotion to the Sacred Heart are not only two sister devotions; in reality they are only one and the same devotion.

Eucharistchrist1They complete each other and develop each other; they blend so perfectly together that one cannot stand without the other, and their union is absolute. Not only can one of these devotions not be prejudicial to the other but, because they complete each other and perfect each other, they also reciprocally increase each other.

If we have devotion to the Sacred Heart, we will wish to find it, to adore it, to love it, to offer it our reparation and praise, and where shall we look for it but in the Blessed Eucharist where it is found eternally living? If we love this adorable Heart, we will wish to unite ourselves to it, for love seeks union; we will wish to warm our hearts by the ardour of this divine fire; but to reach the Sacred Heart, to take hold of it, to put it in contact with our own, what shall we do? Shall we scale heaven to bear away the Heart of Jesus who reigns triumphant in glory? There is no need to do so. We will go to the Blessed Eucharist, we will go to the tabernacle, we will take the white Host, and when we have enclosed it in our breast, we will feel the divine Heart truly beating beside our own.

Devotion to the divine Heart infallibly brings souls to the Blessed Eucharist, and faith in and devotion to the Blessed Eucharist necessarily lead souls to discover the mysteries of Infinite Love of which the divine Heart is the organ and the symbol. If we believe in the Blessed Eucharist, we believe in Love. It is the mystery of Love. But in itself love is immaterial and imperceptible. To fix our minds and our senses, we seek an outward form for love. This form, this sensible manifestation, is the divine Heart.

The Sacred Heart, the Blessed Eucharist, and Love are one and the same thing. In the tabernacle we find the Host; in the Host, Jesus; in Jesus, his Heart; in his Heart, Love—infinite Love, divine charity, God, the principle of life, living and life-giving.

Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche



Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche. "Love, the Eucharist, and the Heart of Jesus." from The Book of Infinite Love: The Needs of Our Time, A Little Treatise of Infinite Love.

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The Author

Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche († 1915) was a French Visitandine nun and mystic, and the foundress of the Bethany of the Sacred Heart community.

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