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Jesus Heals


This Sunday's Gospel presents to us Jesus who heals the sick. 

jesus990 First Simon Peter's mother-in-law who was in bed with a fever and Jesus, taking her by the hand, healed her and helped her to her feet; then all the sick in Capernaum, tried in body, mind, and spirit, and he healed many...and cast out many demons (Mk 1:34).  The four Evangelists agree in testifying that this liberation from illness and infirmity of every kind was — together with preaching — Jesus main activity in his public ministry. 

Illness is in fact a sign of the action of evil in the world and in people, whereas healing shows that the Kingdom of God, God himself, is at hand. Jesus Christ came to defeat evil at the root, and instances of healing are an anticipation of his triumph, obtained with his Death and Resurrection. 

Jesus said one day: those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick (Mk 2:17). On that occasion he was referring to sinners, whom he came to call and to save.  It is nonetheless true that illness is a typically human condition in which we feel strongly that we are not self-sufficient but need others.  In this regard we might say paradoxically that illness can be a salutary moment in which to experience the attention of others and to pay attention to others! 

However illness is also always a trial that can even become long and difficult.  When healing does not happen and suffering is prolonged, we can be as it were overwhelmed, isolated, and then our life is depressed and dehumanized.  How should we react to this attack of evil?  With the appropriate treatment, certainly — medicine in these decades has taken giant strides and we are grateful for it — but the Word of God teaches us that there is a crucial basic attitude with which to face illness and it is that of faith in God, in his goodness.  Jesus always repeats this to the people he heals: your faith has made you well (cf. Mk 5:34, 36). 

Even in the face of death, faith can make possible what is humanly impossible.  But faith in what?  In the love of God.  This is the real answer which radically defeats evil.  Just as Jesus confronted the Evil One with the power of the love that came to him from the Father, so we too can confront and live through the trial of illness, keeping our heart immersed in God's love. 

We all know people who were able to bear terrible suffering because God gave them profound serenity.... Nonetheless, in sickness we all need human warmth: to comfort a sick person, what counts more than words is serene and sincere closeness. 



benedictPope Benedict XVI. "Jesus Heals." from the Angelus February 6, 2012, St. Peter's Square.

Reprinted with permission of Libreria Editrice Vaticana. 

The Author

Benedict73smBenedict72Pope Benedict XVI is the author of Jesus of Nazareth, Vol II, Jesus of Nazareth, Vol I, Caritas in Veritate: Charity in Truth, Saved in Hope: Spe Salvi, God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est,The End of Time?: The Provocation of Talking about God, Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions, Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam, Salt of the Earth: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church at the End of the Millennium, God and the World: Believing and Living in Our Time, In the Beginning: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall, The Spirit of the Liturgy, The Ratzinger Report: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church, Introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Introduction to Christianity, Called to Communion: Understanding the Church Today, Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977, Behold the Pierced One, and God Is Near Us: The Eucharist, the Heart of Life.

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