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The Saving Name of the Son of God


Truly, the name of Jesus is helpful and must be loved by all who desire salvation.

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He well desires his own salvation who busily keeps within him the name of Jesus. Truly, I have no wonder that he who puts not the name of Jesus lastingly in his mind falls when tempted. Certainly, only he may choose to live who has chosen the name of Jesus for his special own. For no wicked spirit can trouble when Jesus is much in mind and named by the mouth. ...

If you will not deceive nor be deceived, if you will be wise and not unwise, think on this name, Jesus, continually. It destroys all vices and vanities. It sows charity and virtues in the soul, and pours the savor of heaven and the fullness of God’s grace into earth. Whoever loves this name, Jesus, without forgetting, dies in a wonderful melody, and is taken by angels and brought before him whom he loved. This name, Jesus, is above all names, to which all knees kneel, of heaven and earth and hell (cf. Phil 2:10-11).

Eat and drink, sleep and wake, speak and hold silence, pray and think, work, and all that you do, do it in the name of Jesus, bids Saint Paul (cf. Col 3:17). God bless you and keep you and give you good perseverance, through the virtue of this joyful name, Jesus. Amen.

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Richard Rolle. "The Saving Name of the Son of God," from The Invocation of the Name of Jesus: As Practiced in the Western Church. Fons Vitae (1999).

Printed in the January 2024 edition of Magnificat. Used with permission.

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The Author

Richard Rolle († 1349) was an English hermit, mystic, and writer of devotional works and biblical translations.

Copyright © 1999 Fons Vitae

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