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The Living Tabernacle of the Lord


Mary's office as Mother of God was fixed from all eternity.

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MaryPraying600The Virgin in Prayer by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

For this was her soul made beautiful; for this was she formed in spotless loveliness in the mind of God from eternity, and of old before the earth was made (Prv 8:23). She was already in his plan of creation. But even though this was so, Mary’s will was free. One would not, however, expect anything but perfect conformity from one so wholly devoted to the will of God. Accordingly she answered in nearly the same words her Divine Son was to use on so many occasions—thy will be done—be it done unto me according to thy word.

With the word of a humble little maiden in an unknown corner of the world, the most tremendous occurrence of all time took place, and God became man. Not in his sublime majesty, from which man would hide his face in terror, but in the humble way that all children of Adam are brought into being, by means of an earthly mother, who was to give him his human needs of flesh and blood.

Because her Son was to be the very Son of God, there would be no need of an earthly father, and his conception took place in a miraculous manner that in no way interfered with his Mother’s virginity. This suspension of God’s law was no more difficult for God to effect than was the original law itself, for one who makes a law is always empowered to change it. From the moment of the Incarnation, not only did God become man, but Mary’s office towards mankind became fixed forever. The Incarnation was the completion of the beautiful temple that was Mary’s soul; the Real Presence rested now in the tabernacle of her flesh. The Incarnation placed upon her soul a mark that will glow forever with a beauty that all eternity will not dim. For in her answer to the angel’s message, Mary fulfilled the purpose of her creation. All that God had planned for her she accepted and embraced with her whole will.

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Sister Mary Jean Dorcy. "The Living Tabernacle of the Lord," from Our Lady's Feasts. New Hope Publications (1999).

Printed in the April 2024 edition of Magnificat. Used with permission.

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The Author

Sister Mary Jean († 1988) was a Dominican sister and a prolific author and illustrator, especially of children’s literature.

Copyright © 1999 New Hope Publications

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