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Set on the Age to Come


Be careful to never let your heart be disturbed or get involved in things that upset it, but always work to keep it calm.

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In this way the Lord will build in your soul a city of peace, and your heart will be a place of delights. Every time you get upset, Jesus simply wants you to come back to silence and calm yourself again in all your works and thoughts.

Before anything else, place the sentinel of peace over your feelings. In this way you will arrive at great things without any struggle, but rather with much tranquility and certainty. With this sentinel sent to you by God, you will keep watch over yourself, you will become accustomed to praying well, to humbling yourself, to bearing injury without being disturbed.

Try a little to distance yourselves from worldly distractions, and to spend a few half hours in recollection and prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. You will see how enlightened your mind will be, how much your soul will be refreshed and comforted. In our churches Jesus Christ waits for us, calls us, and invites us to ask him confidently for everything we want, and he promises to hear us. And we, how can we say that we enter his temple and listen to Jesus' voice if we don't enter it with a true spirit of faith?

Act so that your life is hidden in God with Jesus. When one is hidden with Jesus, one is in the company of his holy example, of his adorable maxims, of his very humble Heart. In such company who could be anything but humble?

Since a day will come when Jesus Christ will appear in his glory, then you too will shine in his glory. But for now, you must remain hidden like him in the manger and as he was in his death. Thus, no praise, no glory for us here below! Let us unceasingly desire to want to appear only when he will show himself in the infinite splendor of his glory.



Blessed Clelia Merloni. "Set on the Age to Come," from Spiritual Anthology: Elements in the Spirituality of Mother
Clelia Merloni. Edusc Sacred Heart University Press (1992).

Printed in the June 2023 edition of Magnificat. Reprinted under fair use.

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The Author

Blessed Clelia Merloni († 1930) founded the Congregation of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1894. Today they share the love of the Heart of Jesus on four continents.

Copyright © 1992
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