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Living by God's Measure


Why has God created us?

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AgonyGarden600An angel comforting Jesus before his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane by Carl Bloch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

That we might serve him, love him, and worship him in order to become eternally happy. Is God pleased when we meditate frequently on eternal happiness? It would very much displease God if we were to reflect only a little on heaven. Eternal joy, eternal delight, light without darkness, and everything eternal without end. If we meditate often on all of this, then sacrifice in our lives will become easier. However, heaven was not always open to us. It was closed to us because of the sin of the first human being. But God has had mercy on us. ... God is so compassionate that the greatest sinner need no longer doubt it. Yet we should not take advantage of God's compassion, for death can come to us unexpectedly. The examination of conscience! How have I sinned today in my thoughts? In my words? In my deeds? Through omission?

God's love for us human beings is so great that we can never comprehend it with our human understanding. Although we often offend God and even seriously offend him, God still persistently loves us. Otherwise, God would not time and again forgive us. Could we imagine a greater love? And we have not yet said enough about this love and forgiveness. Christ has even made atonement for our sins. He has freely taken on himself the greatest suffering that a human being could bear. And if that were not enough, Jesus Christ also sacrifices himself countless times every day on our altars in order to reconcile us with God the Father. Jesus even offers himself as food and wants to come to us sinful human beings. Now we must see our love of our neighbor in relation to God's love of us. Shouldn't we Christians become increasingly like to Christ? Although we shall never be offended so horribly by other human beings as we offend God, we are far—in relation to God—from forgiving our neighbors. We would never speak ill of our neighbors if we would truly care for them. Therefore, love of our neighbors is the greatest act of gratitude that we can show God for his love. Love is the first thing that God requires of us, and whoever walks in love remains in God and God in them!

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FranzJägerstätterFranz Jägerstätter. "Living by God's Measure," from Letters and Writings from Prison. Orbis Books (2009).

Printed in the February 2024 edition of Magnificat. Used with permission.

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The Author

Blessed Franz Jägerstätter († 1943) was an Austrian farmer, husband, and father who was executed for refusing to serve in the Nazi army.

Copyright © 2009 Orbis Books

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