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The Vatican as peacemaker in Ukraine?

A few days after Cardinal Matteo Zuppi's appointment as head of a Vatican "peace mission" to "help ease tensions in the conflict in Ukraine" (as Vatican News put it), a startling picture appeared on page A1 of the Washington Post.

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Catholic Teaching on Jews and Judaism

Faithful Catholics will affirm, with the Second Vatican Council and with the papal magisterium, that the Jewish people are indeed "the good olive tree onto which the wild shoot of the Gentiles has been grafted," that God's original Covenant with his chosen people is unbroken and unbreakable, that our bond with the Jewish people is a spiritual bond, rooted in a common spiritual patrimony, and that our Jewish neighbors are indeed our brothers and sisters in faith.

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The true Joseph Ratzinger

The Joseph Ratzinger I knew for 35 years—first as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, later as Pope Benedict XVI and then Pope Emeritus—was a brilliant, holy man who bore no resemblance to the caricature that was first created by his theological enemies and then set in media concrete.

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