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The Standard of the Cross

If revisionists would burlesque the past and mute the voice of reason, they should first recognize that the value of life is secured best by the standard of the Cross and not the Crescent.

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On Multiculturalism

The modern notion that all cultures and nations can and should live together in harmony requires either:  a) a general agreement about the basis of virtue and truth, or b) the elimination of any difference between good and evil, truth and falsity.

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Iran's Silent Dissidents

How should academics comport themselves when visiting a dictatorship? More specifically, what should they do and not do when presenting a paper at an academic conference hosted by a government that denies academic and other freedoms to its own population?

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Multiculturalism in context

Every year at the beginning of my Moral Theology class, I have my students (high school sophomores) read C. S. Lewis's "Illustrations of the Tao" (from The Abolition of Man).

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The Need for Dialogue

It is not always easy to live under Islamic rule, or even under Islamic "influence." Yet we share a planet, and with no other habitable planets within easy journey, we must find ways to get along.

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