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Thanks to the Pope, Now We're Talking

An extraordinary thing happened a week ago. Thirty-eight Muslim scholars and chief muftis, from across the Muslim world, jointly replied to the Pope's speech at Regensburg (and more have associated their names with this document, since).

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The Academy vs. the Humanities

AS a retired professor of English who now and again returns to teaching, I am aware that the work I try to do with my students has less and less in common with what is going on in adjacent classrooms. I regret being out of step, but it is too late to break the habits of a lifetime, and in any case I cannot believe that they are bad habits.

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The Multicultural Ploy

How do we prepare our children to hold to their belief in the uniquely divine origin of Christianity the Word becoming Flesh without them being guilty of the dreaded "ethnocentrism" that their teachers may well condemn? Is there any way to view Christianity as "truer" than Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism without becoming a "bigot" in the process? Is it intolerant, an insult to the people of these other religions, to insist that Jesus was the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

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