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Are Catholics Creationists?

Today, the Pope Pius V University in Rome will be the setting for a day-long conference with the arresting title, The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution.

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Study guide for Scopes Trial

In the summer of 1925, a small town in Tennessee became a hub of intense international interest when famed defence lawyer Clarence Darrow squared off against progressive politician William Jennings Bryan over a Tennessee law that forbade the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools. Here, in summary, are the often-distorted facts of the case.

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Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas

The analysis of creation and the distinctions Thomas Aquinas draws among the domains of metaphysics, the natural sciences, and theology can serve an important role in contemporary discussions of the relationship between creation and evolution.

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Evolutionary Confusion

The trouble with evolution as an account of the way things work is that, if it is wrong, then a Creator must exist. There is no way around it. No wonder atheists are frightened.

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Teach Evolution And Ask Hard Questions

In response to the recent Kansas Board of Educations decision not to teach the Theory of Evolution, Michael Behe's New York Times editorial argues that we should teach Darwins elegant theory, but also be willing to discuss where it has real problems accounting for the data and where scientists seem to be engaged in wishful thinking.

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