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Out of print for years, this concise introduction to the religion of Islam for Christians is a classic of Father Hardon scholarship.

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The Multiple Religions Coexisting Within the Catholic Church

St. Paul wrote that the Church is "one body and one Spirit [with] one Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Ephesians 4:4-5); however, someone could be forgiven for believing that we currently have multiple "faiths"—i.e., multiple religions—existing within the one Catholic Church. Consider our present situation.

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Cartoons and the clash of civilizations

Harvard professor Samuel Huntingtons clash of civilizations hypothesis a provocative preview of a twenty-first century in which religiously shaped cultural conflicts define the fault-lines of world politics created a considerable intellectual stir when it was first published in 1993.

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Apologists of Buddhism describe it as the richest, broadest and most lasting of Aryan religions. Yet the name itself is of recent origin and refers to the vast system of teachings that trace their ancestry to the Indian sage, Gautama or the Buddha, who lived and died about the fifth century before the Christian era.

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