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Conversations with the New Atheists IV

The following objections were raised by Christopher Hitchens in a live debate with Dinesh D'Souza. Most of them were asides, which Dinesh wisely did not allow to distract him in pursuit of larger issues.

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The Hard Labor of Christian Apologetics

A Pew survey last month projects very bad news for Christians in the United States. If current rates continue, by 2070 Christians will comprise somewhere between a bare majority to a minority in our country.

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Evangelization: What and When?

At the "information meeting" of the College of Cardinals this past August 29–30, there was considerable agreement that evangelization is Catholicism's prime imperative for the twenty-first century—a consensus understandably gratifying to the author of a 2013 book with the then-provocative title Evangelical Catholicism.

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