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When Insults No Longer Insult

Take the curious case of the term homophobia, a word now commonly applied to those who in any way or for whatever reason find homosexual behavior objectionable or even problematic.

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Do Sex Education and Access to Contraception Cut Down on Abortion?

All human generations previous to our own, and all known human societies besides our own, have understood that sex had to be controlled; and they have therefore maintained in place moral and legal checks and sanctions aimed at insuring the necessary control of the powerful and unruly human sexual drive for the good of both society and the individuals in it. Our plan to liberate sex by means of contraception and sex education has now manifestly failed.

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The Clarifying Light of Humanae Vitae

Twelve years ago this summer, Tina Turner belted out her song about love, asking, Whats love got to do, got to do with it? Whats love but a sweet old-fashioned notion? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? Her question is a fitting commentary on the current state of confusion over conjugal love and the resulting decline of marriage. But, no one, it seems, is willing to speak to the root causes of this decline.

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