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Cursing and Christian Living

In rebuking the Pharisees for misunderstanding the heart of the Mosaic Law, our Lord issued a declaration, unprovoked by the immediate context, that reverberates today: "[T]he things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile." (Matthew 15:18)

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The Key to Entering God's Presence

The explicit idea of a "second conversion" in the spiritual life was first broached by a Jesuit in the 1600s, Father Louis Lallemant, a novice master in France to one of the future North American martyrs, Saint John de Brébeuf.

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Be Faithful to God in Little Things

Holy Scripture has said two things that may convince us of the importance of faithfulness in little things: "He that despises small things," we are told, "shall fall by little and little."

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