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Forming Future Followers

Nearly every college and university in the country advertises itself as educating future "leaders." I am not as impressed as perhaps I should be.

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If We Want Better Schools, We Need to Be a Serious People

Our schools are failing not because of what happens in the classroom, but because of what happens—or more to the point, what doesn't happen—at the dinner table. If we wish to be a serious people, then we must bolster our institutions with the power to humanize and domesticate the bedlam within us all.

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The 'end' of education

The title of this talk is: Logos: In the beginning was the Word—The nature and power of language. After some further prayer and reflection, I would like to add a subtitle to the talk: The end of education!

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Don't Wait for the Teachers

A friend of mine recently told me that he and his wife (devout Catholics) had decided to cancel their Disney+ subscription for their elementary school–aged children.

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