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On Human Dignity

My job tonight is to give an overview of religious liberty issues: the problems we currently have, and the ones we'll face in the years ahead.

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Medicine, morality and humanity

The practice of medicine is an inescapably moral enterprise precisely because physicians are always seeking to do some kind of good and avoid some kind of evil for their patients.

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The core of a modern pluralism

The Court has rejected that view that, "if one's moral view manifests from a religiously grounded faith, it is not to be heard in the public square, but if it does not, then it is publicly acceptable."

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Gagging conscience, violating humanity

Increasingly medical policies now being adopted are incoherent because they purport to include a duty to do what one believes to be wrong in a code of ethics or ethical guidelines, the very purpose of which is to encourage physicians to act ethically and avoid wrongdoing.

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Canada's medical totalitarians

An Ontario College of Physicians official, Dr Marc Gabel, says that physicians unwilling to provide or facilitate abortion for reasons of conscience should not be family physicians.

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