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The Pope's New Feminism
The Catholic Church has been a vigorous proponent in international settings of social and economic justice for women. Without glossing over the criticisms, this article provides evidence of an enviable historical record of concern for women by the Church.

The Changing Faces of Feminism
Many people assume that feminism and the movement to legalize abortion are virtually synonymous.

It's time for 'family feminism'
More than 70% of American women today reject the "feminist" label, partly because, in Hof Summers' words, "they don't want to be liberated from their womanhood."

Feminism and the Family an Indissoluble Marriage
Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon led the Vatican delegation to the UN Beijing Conference on Women in 1995. She soon discovered that the working document in Beijing contained defects which corresponded closely to the defects of 1970s' feminism.

Christian Feminism: A Fuller View of Woman
Secularized feminism raises excellent questions but cannot answer them, says an American theologian who points to a Christian feminism as an antidote.

What's Feminism Got to Do with It?
From these women and men comes the really bad news for the feminist movement: The overwhelming majority of American women perceive feminism as irrelevant. In their view, feminism is not talking about the women's issues that most concern them and it is not writing a compelling story about women's lives. Worse, it is not writing a convincing story about our world.

Feminism and the Family an Indissoluble Marriage
May Ann Glendon outlines the real problems women (and families) face today, while explaining how feminism must change in order to become relevant to the needs of modern women.

Rescuing Feminism from the Feminists - a book review
A new, more responsive feminism does seem to be gaining ground. Unlike its predecessor, the emerging feminism of the nineties attends to the real-life needs and aspirations of a wide range of women. It wrestles with harmonizing family life and employment in world where a balance struck either way is risky. It sees women and men as partners rather than antagonists in the quest for better ways to love and work. The new feminism is inclusive rather than polarizing; open-minded rather than dogmatic. It recognizes that the fates of men, women, and children, privileged and poor alike, are inextricably intertwined.

Feminism and Marriage: a Reflection on Ephesians 5: 21-33
Since this passage with the admonition of St. Paul for wives to submit themselves to their husbands as to the Lord, creates great difficulties for modern-day feminists, I have selected it as the springboard for this article on feminism and marriage. The passage has been called a summa of Church teaching on marriage and has been interpreted in several ways through the centuries. Today I want to compare John Chrysostom's interpretation with that of John Paul II with some reference to medieval and various contemporary interpretations. Finally I shall show the application of the passage in the lives of some couples today.

Feminism and the Unraveling of the Social Bond
Like countless other women who cherish improvement in the situation of women in the United States and throughout the world, I was initially quick to embrace feminism as the best way to secure our "rights" and our dignity as persons. Like countless others, I was seriously misled.

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