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I've followed the work of the Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC) for many years. It's among the very best online sources of faithful Catholic articles and reference materials available today. CERC's publisher, Fraser Field, has done, and continues to do, a superb service on behalf of the believing community.

Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia

The Catholic Education Resource Center continues its sterling service to the Church and the world. Its weekly bulletins are essential reading for all who are interested in Catholic Education and in the best that is being written and thought by Catholic writers across the English speaking world.

I am a longstanding admirer of the great work that the Catholic Education Resource Center does and very happy to lend it my support. Like all good works, the Catholic Education Resource Center depends on the prayers and financial contributions of its readers. I hope you will be able to join me in providing these helps so that the great work of the Catholic Education Resource Center can continue in to the future.

George Cardinal Pell
Sydney, Australia

CERC is a precious asset in helping all parties keep current with what is happening in the Church and the world. It is a valuable resource that deepens our understanding of how to think about and respond to contemporary challenges.

For the new evangelization to be fruitful, the Church benefits from what CERC offers to its readers. Your prayers and financial contributions are needed to sustain this valuable ministry.

With cordial greetings and prayers,
Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver, B.C.
Former Secretary of the Vatican's
Congregation for Catholic Education

As times goes on, an increasing number of people receive their information almost exclusively through the Internet. The Catholic Education Resource Center has been at the forefront of bringing together the works of high caliber writers on issues that affect Catholics today. What a wonderful blessing it is to have reliable information made so accessible and brought together in one place. Here you can find information on topics ranging from apologetics to social justice to inspiring stories of faith and character. I am happy to support and endorse the work of the Catholic Education Resource Center. I pray that many hearts will grow closer to the Lord through its work.

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain
Archbishop of Seattle

CERC is my favourite source for the best Catholic writers, both current and historical. Excellent descriptions and excerpts are provided, together with useful links. I have bought many books that I discovered because of CERC. I find it hard to believe that such a good source even exists!

K. G. Beresford
North Vancouver, B.C.

Dear CERC:

I am a Jesuit seminarian from the United States but am currently teaching for two years in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I want to say thank you for your tremendous resources. Not only do I find the articles to be so thought-provoking and faith-nourishing for me personally, but they have been invaluable resources as I put together lessons for the religion classes that I teach. I teach 90 16-year-old Catholics, and we have no textbooks, though I have used many articles from your website to help me put together my lectures. While I have yet to meet an atheist here, my students face a lot of questions from their Evangelical, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist, and Muslim peers that they did not know how to answer. I think — and it's because many students have told me — that many of my students now feel confident in responding to their friends and are proud of being Catholic. I wanted to share that with you because you are very much part of that.

Michael Rossmann, SJ
Loyola High School
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dear CERC:

Since I first found the CERC website — and especially the opportunity to receive your CERC Weekly Updates — I anxiously await their arrival every Wednesday! As a Deacon in the US, I find I am always looking for opportunities available to help me formulate my thoughts in developing my homilies (and also for leading groups in the parish and in my prison ministry). I honestly can't say enough about how helpful your carefully gathered and organized CERC Weekly Updates have been in my own personal faith journey, but perhaps even more in helping me to journey with others in exploring how their faith life can be better integrated with their ordinary day-to-day journey through life. I have found over the years as a Deacon (ordained in June, 1999) that my preaching seems to focus on the answering the question: "So what does this have to do with 'living our faith'; because if ours is not a 'lived faith' then what good is it?" Your extraordinary efforts at putting together the CERC Weekly Updates over the years have been an enormous asset in helping me to answer that question!

Thanks very much for all your hard work and for your obvious love and passion in providing this service.

In Christ,
Jim Sheil

James M. Sheil, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Vice Chairman
Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Cell Biology
West Virginia University Health Sciences Center
Morgantown, WV

The Catholic Education Resource Center offers unparalleled coverage of the cultural and educational challenges and opportunities facing the contemporary Church. I count on your weekly emails, and I'm grateful for all that you do to help me diagnose the signs of the times.

W. Bradford Wilcox
Department of Sociology
University of Virginia
Member of the James Madison Society
Princeton University

CERC is an indispensable source of useful and timely articles, from around the world, dealing with Catholic issues. With all the media bias around it is essential to have such reliable and extensive coverage easily available. Our students and faculty use it often. Long may it continue.

Paul C. Vitz
Senior Scholar, The Institute for the Psychological Sciences
Professor of Psychology Emeritus, New York University

The internet is like a vast garbage dump, with trucks dumping new loads every day — yet studded here and there with gold and diamonds. Nothing could be easier than to find information on any subject of interest to Catholic teachers and students. Nothing could be harder than wading through the acres of garbage to discover the scattered gems. I know many piles and hoards of unsorted internet junk, but the Catholic Education Resource Center is different. Every day, with wisdom, discernment, and endless patience, it performs the Herculean labor of finding the treasures, arranging them, displaying them, and making them available to all who seek.

J. Budziszewski
Professor, Government and Philosophy Departments,
University of Texas at Austin

CERC is a treasure-house of timely articles that make it wonderfully convenient for Catholics to learn more about their faith and to prepare themselves more ably to contend with the ever tightening knot of secularism It would be a shame and a great loss to both Catholics as well as culture if this invaluable service were either cut back or lost. Would that prospective donors are as generous with their contributions as CERC's writers have been with theirs.

Donald DeMarco
Adjunct Professor
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
Cromwell, Connecticut

I literally know of no other organization that does a better job of collecting the best materials being published on the Catholic Church. CERC is the ultimate clearinghouse, a one-stop-shop for superb information. I recommend it to everyone. I really do. No one does it better than CERC. I could practically cancel all of my other subscriptions and be just fine because of the heroic efforts of CERC. Fraser Field and his group are indispensable. Please support this great organization with a generous donation.

Paul Kengor
Professor of Political Science
Grove City College
Executive Director of the Vision and Values program

About two months ago, I forwarded the most recent issue of CERC to a friend who is a deeply committed Christian, holds an important post in a respected foundation, reads widely, and is attracted to Catholic teachings. Last week, he wrote me:

Your introduction to me to CERC has been a tremendous gift! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy its weekly offerings. I really do think it is the best thing of its sort out there. It is not just about education but about culture — about everything that matters. Even the way the articles are displayed is first-rate. It is, I think, my favorite site.

However, as we all know, CERC won't survive without loyal readers who make it a priority to keep this treasure trove of timely news and enduring wisdom at our fingertips.

Tom Lickona
Professor, Education
Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs (Respect and Responsibility)
State University of New York at Cortland

On behalf of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education, I want to commend your efforts to keep Catholic educators informed about Catholic perspectives on current events. I find your education articles in particular to be invaluable in furthering the work of our Institute.

Andrew T. Seeley, PhD
Executive Director
Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

As an editorial writer for a metropolitan daily, I work in an atmosphere that could be described as profoundly secular and occasionally mildly hostile. It is important that in the daily discussions we have on the issues of the day that I be well armed with arguments and facts that support positions that are less than wildly popular with some of my colleagues. I find CERC an invaluable resource. I might not always manage to convince my fellow editorial-board members of the rightness of certain stands on moral issues, but with solid backup from CERC's wide variety of sources I can sometimes impart a new respect for those things I hold dear. It's hardly something I could accomplish relying on my own poor efforts. CERC is indeed a godsend.

Paul Waters
The Gazette

The Catholic Education Resource Center is a practically inexhaustible gold mine of Catholic resources that we have used for years at the high school level. In fact, 80 percent of the required reading for our student seminars is taken from CERC, and we have found that some students have even made CERC their personal home page on their computers. Catholic teachers and professors will find an abundance of very relevant and up to date articles on a host of subjects, from science, politics, religion, ethics, to history, popular culture, and literature, etc. Moreover, the authors that Fraser Field carefully selects from are always of the highest possible calibre. We believe that CERC has already done incalculable good for a large number of young Catholics forced to make their way through the very rough, confusing, and lonely terrain of today's secular and relativist culture. CERC is one of a kind and very well worth our ongoing financial support.

Douglas McManaman (Catholic high school teacher, Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy, Markham, Ontario)
Francis Hill (Catholic high school teacher, St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

CERC is the best portal on the Web for educators, writers and others seeking authoritative articles about the Catholic faith. At the League, we especially appreciate the variety of content and authors that CERC provides. Current issues, theology, history, popular culture and entertainment are all presented from an authentic Catholic perspective. Attractive and easy to navigate, the CERC website shows us how Church organizations can use modern technology to spread the good news.

Tom Langan
President Emeritus & Founder
Catholic Civil Rights League

Thank you so much for the wonderful articles you provide us with. I frequently use them in class or as background and appreciate them very much.

Thank you.

Shannon McIntyre Skousgaard, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia

As one interested in Catholic culture, I have found CERC to be an invaluable resource at my finger tips. I recommend this website to all of my colleagues and students interested in promoting our Catholic faith.

Joseph Wurtz
Dean of Students
Benedictine College
Atchison, Kansas

CERC is an invaluable resource for keeping abreast of trends and issues in Catholic education. I frequently use the articles in my work and share them with colleagues.

Jerry Sanderson
Associate Superintendent
Office of Catholic Schools
Peoria, Illinois

The Catholic Education Resource Center Update is a welcome guest in my mailbox. Its arrival means a chance to catch up on quality cultural pieces I likely missed over the past two weeks. Thanks for a valuable product and feel free to send them more often!

Kathryn Jean Lopez
Nationally syndicated columnist
Editor National Review Online
Contributor to Crisis and National Catholic Register

As a teacher of two senior high school religion courses, I find myself checking out the CERC website constantly. There is no other single source of Catholic current events, history, moral theology, and political commentary that so completely meets my needs. Since I work in the "front lines", teaching 16-18 year olds who have more questions about the Catholic faith than I have answers, CERC is the site I go to when I need material fast. It is also indispensable when I am working on unit planning, because I can select articles from a vast database of resources, confident that all have been published in reputable sources and are copyright-free. I find myself cutting and pasting from two or three different articles for a single class, so my students know that I'm not just giving "my" opinion. We are continually reminded as educators that the days of teaching straight out of the textbook are gone: CERC helps teachers offer so much more to their students than simply one resource.

Andrew McCracken
Notre Dame High School
Vancouver, B.C.

Just to say I strongly agree with what Mr. McCraken of Notre Dame High School (Vancouver B.C.) said in his comments. As a teacher of Philosophy Theology and Ethics for 16-19 years old, I am always in search of Catholic informations to share with my students and I found you God send too.

I highly recommend your website to all the people I know of all over the world who are interested in Catholicism. Keep up the good work and God bless.

Sherlita Macogue Gilliland
PTE Teacher
Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College
Leeds, England UK.

I'm a Catholic priest in northern Louisiana. Due to the extreme pressure of pastoral work, I'm afraid I simply don't have the time to regularly read all of the Catholic, Christian and secular news and information resources that I would like to. Your summary of important articles every couple of weeks is a Godsend — literally! It's a great help to be able to scan rapidly through your summaries, look at the articles which catch my interest, and get in-depth information on a few areas which are of pastoral importance.

Among other duties, I provide pastoral ministry to Catholic (and many Christian) inmates at two local prisons, totalling almost 2,000 inmates. I have on several occasions found articles in your Newsletter, both secular and Christian, which address some of the concerns of inmates, and give an interesting, refreshing new perspective on issues which affect them. I've printed out these articles to give to the inmates concerned, and some of them have "made the rounds" of dozens of other interested prisoners. Without your Newsletter, I wouldn't even have been aware of the existence of this material, much less been able to print it out and circulate it.

I'm profoundly grateful to you and your team for the work you do in putting out this Newsletter.

Rev. Peter J. Grant
Our Lady Of Lourdes Church
Winnfield, LA

As an administrator in a Catholic elementary school I have come to rely on the Catholic Education Resource Center for timely, insightful commentary on important issues. Teachers in Catholic schools are on the front lines in the battle to defend the Catholic Faith in our society and they need ready at hand resources to do this. The articles collected here are reliable, well articulated and interesting. It's hard to imagine a more convenient and easy way for teachers to become informed about issues than through this web site. In short, it is an invaluable resource for educators. For this reason, I urge you to support CERC both financially and with your prayers.

Michael Perry
St. Jude's Elementary School
Vancouver, B.C.

I believe that this project is one of the most promising of the past thirty years and will contribute greatly to the genuine renewal of Catholic education at all levels.

James Hitchcock
Professor of History
St. Louis University

Thank you for CERC and the new addition Editorials of Interest to Catholics. I find your efforts very valuable to my own as a journalist.

Keep the faith!
Mary Jo Anderson
Contributing editor for Crisis Magazine
Contributing reporter to WorldNetDaily

I am very pleased to support the work of CERC. I have been a subscriber to their service for this past year and have found their work invaluable and their service unique.

The resources offered by CERC are of inestimable help to those of us involved in education. I frequently refer principals and teachers to articles collected and posted by CERC. I know that, were such a service not provided, I simply would not be able to so readily access the thought of so many writers.

I am aware of no other group who are performing this service.

Johnston Smith
Superintendent Catholic School Board (emeritus)
Archdiocese of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a public school teacher in Wichita, Kansas. I also teach confirmation class at my parish, Holy Savior Catholic Church. This wealth of information about Catholicism in the broadest spectrum has been a treasure for me. I use the information that I get from this site in several arenas: my own public school classroom, my confirmation class, as a single mom of two young men, and for my own spiritual growth. Educated for three precious semesters at a private liberal arts Catholic college before moving to a huge public university, I have not been so academically and spiritually informed about Catholicism since attending Catholic college. This CERC Weekly Update is very important to me, and helps me reach many, many young people each week.

Thank you and God bless you

Cindy Cisneros McGilvrey
Wichita, Kansas

This is my top web site. I faciltate a Bible study of 24 a catechist for ninth grade...a member of the Parish council at St. Benedict's in Ridgely, Md. USA. I wish I could afford to subscribe to many periodicals...but I can't. CERC has been a prayer answered. I pray that they can continue this valuable service and I will continue to support them financially all that I can.

Linda Ruskin
Ridgely, Md.

What a great resource you are providing. I can't tell you how many people I have told about your site. When I'm looking for clear and faithful thinking on a subject, this is the site I check first. Considering I must have well over a hundred "top notch" sites book marked on my browser, that says something.

Keep up your extraordinary work.

Dan L Kennedy
Human Life of Washington State

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. You find such a rich variety of wonderful articles I never would have found without you that have enriched my intellectual and spiritual life and also my classes. I am very grateful and would be so sad to lose this wonderful resource.

Thank you again,

Robert Hambourger
Associate Professor of Philosophy
North Carolina State University

The Catholic Education Resource Center is an online treasure-trove for teachers of all subjects in our Catholic High Schools. I have used CERC articles for discussion in all my Religion classes from Gr. 9 through 12, and they have been especially helpful in my senior classes: I often direct students to you when they are researching projects and need clear, reliable explanations of Church teaching on a vast array of topics. In addition, I frequently post links to CERC articles in our staff's online conference area, hoping to familiarize my colleagues with your site. I have gotten many positive comments and much gratitude from fellow teachers who find food for thought and material for lessons. Keep up the good work!

Yours truly,
Patrick Phillips
St. Mary's High School
Woodstock ON

It is not so many months that I have come to know of CERC (through a rather unlikely link) but since then I have found it terribly — and thankfully — most useful.

I use its resources a lot in my work as an educator (teaching — and administering — at a post-16 institution, and in the Teachers Union) and also in my voluntary activities (also in the Gozo Non Governmental Organizations Association). I am the editor of the local Catholic Action periodical, I write comments in the press and am also involved in a community radio (with various news and similar shows). So I am obviously always waiting for new EMails from CERC!

Prayerful thanks
Antoine Vassallo
Gozo, Malta

I look forward to my weekly hit of the latest additions to the Catholic Education Resource Centre with relish. The articles posted are some of the best material I come across in my constant research for teaching all my Catholic high school Religion and Adult Faith Development courses. In fact, the CERC articles are so good that I look less assiduously for materials from other sources than I used to.

Peter Nation
Religion Department Head
Thomas Aquinas High School
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I write to convey my deep appreciation of your good work at the Catholic Education Resource Centre. The weekly array of ecclesiastical subjects are a must for faithful Christians across the world as well as for researchers on religious matters.

It is incumbent on us readers and grantmaking organisations to assist this good work.

Mr. Field, you have my utmost support and solidarity.

Sylvester Odion-Akhaine, Ph.D
Executive Director,
Centre for Constitutionalism and Demilitarisation
Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria

This site has been immensely helpful & enriching for me. I co-ordinate adult religious education in my parish & have used many of the articles as a basis for a lesson or simply printed them out to give additional material to participants. I have also printed out material for our coordinator of children's religious education & she has used them & distributed them to catechists. Lesson plans would be a very valuable & time-saving addition in my opinion.

Ellen Janes

The CERC website is my favorite Catholic website, by far. I find the articles beautifully written and informative. The references given are often stimulating starting points for further exploration of featured authors and subjects. I often copy articles of interest to read later when I have a leisure moment when exercising or waiting. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing to educate others, not only in their Catholic faith, but also in associated subjects such as philosphy, history, and current events. You are a blessing!

In gratitude,
Michael Fenlon

I find the CERC website extremely informative and useful in keeping abreast of matters pertaining to the Catholic Church and social issues being addressed by various media.

Jessica Choo
West Vancouver, B.C.

I look forward to receiving CERC. You offer me and many other people the opportunity to sort fact from fiction in articles and books of which some are written by Catholics, some are for Catholics, and some are for the general public with misinformation about the Catholic faith. I also look for certain authors whom I trust will present an honest and reliable view. I appreciate the variety of entries and I often pass them on to other family members and encourage their support of CERC. Many of the readings are for everyone whether Catholic or not, so I can use information that I have read in conversations with co-workers and friends.

Rosemary M.

I love your weekly update and the articles you tell us about. My husband and I both love to read and learn, so thank you so much for what you are doing!

In Christ
Jan Kierens

I went to Catholic grade school and high school, then on to UCSD for my BS degree in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Throughout my education, I can't count the times I have wondered what the Church actually teaches, or whether it has something to say at all, about various subjects presented to me. Especially in "Ethics" courses, I often felt that there must be a good response to this, but what is it? Since the advent of the Internet, and thanks to EWTN, I've begun to realize the vast treasury of wisdom and insight that the Catholic Church has to offer on just about every topic! I want you to know that one of the resources I rely on is your website, Your site effectively synthesizes perspectives on modern education which seek to present and align themselves with the teachings of the Church's Magisterial office. This is such a relief! Finally, a trusted source! I keep telling people that young adults like myself are quite capable and interested in discerning the truth — we just want someone to be straight with us. I want to know WHAT the church teaches in it's FULLNESS, and WHY... not just the parts a particular person or group wants to promote. CERC is a valuable resource for helping me in this endeavor. Thank you, and God Bless.

Steve Hicks
San Diego, CA

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate CERC. It has challenged me, enlightened me, educated me and inspired me to learn my faith and live it. Thank you.

Robbin L. Hastings
Bellevue, Washington

This is a wonderful website. The weekly newsletter is especially helpful for use in keeping abreast of issues within and affecting the Church. It includes both secular and sacred with a strong emphasis on defense of the Faith. I wish I was rich and could send a HUGE check to help support CERC.

May God bless all who work at CERC and may He prosper it for His Glory and the salvation of souls!

Joanne Mary Walsh
3rd CCD
St Rose of Lima parish

As a Christian and an independent scholar, I find the CERC website to be an invaluable resource. The scope and quality of the material is outstanding. CERC is an important part of the philosophical, religious and theological infrastructure of the World Wide Web.

John H. Walker
Edmonton, Alberta

I have sent my personal donation to CERC. I understand it is being hard for these people to continue their task unless they get enough resource$. I would send more money if I could, unfortunately I can´t at this moment. The tremendous amount of solid catholic information they distribute is priceless. I encourage anyone interested in the advancement of catholic education to contribute to this effort as much as possible.

MariaElena Rodriguez
Harlingen, TX

I want to thank you for the great editorial work you do, compiling from so many sources such great articles! I read almost all of them and find much food for thought. I am not an "educator" as such, just a mother of three teenagers. I often forward articles to them to read. Since I didn't succeed at homeschooling but always wanted to, I like to use these articles and the ideas presented to infuse wisdom and truth into my children outside of their school experiences. So far it seems to be successful.

Brigid Kowalczyk


I usually don't shout but... when I find a great Catholic website I get excited.

Please add me to your weekly update list.

I would like to receive your Weekly Updates.

Also, congratulations on your Resource Center, it is very complete and useful.

Yours in Christ
Fr. James Mulford, L.C.
Rome, Italy

I have discovered your web page, and have found the most impressive and useful articles I need for my religion classes. I am the Religion Department Head of Southridge School in Manila, Philippines. I have, in fact, already subscribed and started receiving the weekly "abstracts" of the latest postings.

Thank you very, very much. Your web page has been a very, very big help for me and the other religion teachers here.

Again thank you very much and more power to you!

Mann Rentoy
Southridge School Hillsborough Subdivision
Muntinlupa City
Metro Manila, Philippines.

We are a homeschooling family of 7, with our 2 eldest at Franciscan U. of Steubenville. Your articles have been utilized in our homeschooling, for the college kids, and for an apologetics class my husband and I are leading. One of our children is writing a research paper on capital punishment. Guess where she got great info. for that?

Also one of the members of our apologetics class is trying to get better materials into the local Catholic elementary school. So I will be sure to get any lesson plans you write to her. What is the topic of the upcoming lesson plans?

I love your weekly update and the articles you tell us about. My husband and I both love to read and learn, so thank you so much for what you are doing!

In Christ
Fae Stuart

I am already enrolled in your weekly update. Please enroll the rest of our school's board in the list. Thank you.

In Christ,

Joseph Alringhaus




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