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June 15, 2022
Note from the Managing Editor
Father's Day is this coming Sunday, June 19th and we have curated a selection of articles in honor of good men and manliness. (I intended to share a couple quotes with my husband and ended up reading the entire pieces aloud!)

First is Anthony Esolen's "No Fathers, No Hope." "Fathers are the 'great adventurers of the modern world' [they] bring into the world an immortal soul — another human life, another being that is more beautiful and more complex than all the physical universe besides."

In "On the Masculine Genius," Greg Bottaro meticulously explains the biological differences between man and woman and how that leads to a masculine and feminine genius. Here's one fascinating fact:
"During the last stage of pregnancy, male testosterone levels decrease over 20% and prolactin levels increase 33%. Researchers believe that pheromones released by the mother help to initiate these shifts in the father's brain. Prolactin helps fathers respond more sensitively to their newborn babies. Their hearing sensitivity increases as does their empathic response."
In "What a Woman Can Do, and a Man Should See," another of John Cuddeback's wonderful pieces investigating what it is to be a man, he encourages husbands to be present when their wives give birth. "You can be for her, uniquely, what she and your child so call for you to be. Present, loving, strong. There might not be anything else for you to do. But is that not already very much?"

Finally, I highly recommend Francis Maier's recent commencement address at Thomas More College, a message of encouragement and hope. "We moderns tend to think that the era of the saints is over. But we're wrong. It's always the era of the saints."

Thank you to all those who donated during our Eastertide campaign, and God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez
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New Resources
The Blessed Trinity and Us
Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, Knowing the Love of God: Lessons from a Spiritual Master
Saint John writes, And eternal life is this: to know you, the only true God (Jn 17:3).
Poor but Not Yet Dead
David Warren, The Catholic Thing
At the root of modern judicial theory, or at least in its vicinity, is the question of Money.
No Fathers, No Hope
Anthony Esolen, Law & Liberty
"The inexpressible sadness which emanates from great cities," says Gabriel Marcel in Homo Viator (1952), "a dismal sadness which belongs to everything that is devitalized, everything that represents a self-betrayal of life, appears to me to be bound up in the most intimate fashion with the decay of the family."
On the Masculine Genius
Greg Bottaro, Humanum
Many attempts have been made to define the feminine, and more recently, the masculine genius.
What a Woman Can Do, and a Man Should See
John Cuddeback, LifeCraft
Giving birth is the natural complement and continuation of the marital act.
People Are Decisive
Francis X. Maier, The Catholic Thing
For most of my adult life I've carried around a quotation from Mao Zedong.
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More Catholic bishops say pro-abortion politicians shouldn't receive Communion
The expected overturn of Roe v. Wade increases the pressure to ensure "Eucharistic integrity."
A Christian Response to Pride Month
Theology of Home
Decades of messaging have all but canonized radical sexual autonomy as identical with courage and liberation. It is a creed that reduces and redefines the human person and names them by their sin. Incumbent on the Christian, is to love the person and resist the revolution.
Has the Sexual Revolution Finally Overreached?
Crisis Magazine
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Some questions about children during "Pride Month"
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The Question: What is a Woman?
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The oldest man in the world is 113 and prays the Rosary twice a day
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Building Catholic Culture
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St. John Henry Cardinal Newman
and St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.
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