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April 24, 2019

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

"It is part of the mystery of God that he acts so gently."  If God is who he is (all powerful) and we are who we are (free), it makes sense that God would only "offer and elicit love."  See Benedict XVI's, "The Reality of the Resurrection."

Before he was pope, Cardinal Ratzinger said, "Anyone who makes up his mind to evade the uncertainty of belief will have to experience the uncertainty of unbelief, which can never finally eliminate for certain the possibility that belief may after all be the truth."  Read more of Elio Guerriero's "Introduction to Christianity: Bestseller Around the World" from Pope Benedict XVI: His Life and Thought.

Fr. James V.  Schall passed away on April 17 at the age of 91.  Wilfred M. McClay remembers, "His gratitude to God for the very fact of his existence was not just a platitude, but a pervasive lived reality ... there was always an irrepressible cheerfulness about him, an atmosphere of joyous surrender to the fact that the miracle of it all is bigger than any of us."

Today, "our eyes and minds are saturated with the small novelties of each passing moment, which decimates any possible sense of a vision of the order and pattern of things, the beauty which only emerges from a full, not fitful, apprehension of experience."  In "Why Notre Dame matters," Rex Murphy explains that we mourned Notre Dame because it helped us to see the big picture — to see beauty.

A Blessed Easter to all of you! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"Ironically, it turns out that we will not understand the world if it is only the world we seek to understand." - Father James V. Schall, S.J.

New Resources

The Reality of the Resurrection - Pope Benedict XVI - from Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: from the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection

Only a real event of a radically new quality could possibly have given rise to the apostolic preaching.

The World Turns Its Back On God - Elio Guerriero - from Pope Benedict XVI: His Life and Thought

"Without a doubt, the most comprehensive book available on the life and thought of Pope Benedict XVI!" - Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C.

Irresistibly Lovable - Wilfred McClay - The Catholic Thing

Fr. Jim Schall was one of the most irresistibly lovable people I have ever known, and my life was greatly enriched by knowing him, and having a little bit of his metaphysical good cheer rub off on me.

Why Notre Dame matters - Rex Murphy - National Post

We in the West are obliging amnesiacs of our greatest achievements.

Chaput: The real enemies of freedom - Archbishop Charles J. Chaput - CNA

The once Christian culture of the West has forgotten its roots, Archbishop Charles Chaput said Friday, warning that basic principles of human dignity and freedom are now at risk.

Dear Fr Rutler: Can my bishop discipline me for offering the old Mass? - Father George W. Rutler - Catholic Herald

Can my bishop discipline me for offering the old Mass? - etc.

Editorials of Interest:

Heaven Is Real - First Things
The Easter Effect Today - The Catholic Difference
Why we mourn Notre Dame - G Adventures

Editorials of Interest

If you're seeking hope, read the pope's moving Easter Vigil homily - Aleteia

"Even when we grow disheartened and tempted to judge everything in the light of our failures, he comes to make all things new, to overturn our every disappointment, to roll back from our heart the heaviest of stones."

Homily from Vatican's Good Friday Celebration of the Passion - Aleteia

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa's homily from the Good Friday service held at St. Peter's, led by Pope Francis.

Founder of L'Arche Community goes into hospice care - Aleteia

Jean Vanier is 90; the work he established has brought community to thousands with mental and physical disabilities

Ignorance and anti-Catholic bias at the BBC: a former employee writes - The Article

It is a hazard of having worked as a journalist in BBC News for 30 years—in my case in the newsroom of the BBC World Service that one can never watch or listen to a news bulletin without thinking of how the headline should have been written and how much better the story could have been told.

He's young and ready to bring people to God - Catholic Philly

"I guess what moved me to enter (the seminary) was seeing it as a way to bring my friends closer to God."

Easter attacks on churches in Sri Lanka are tragic, but hardly surprising - Crux

All this is part of the broader pattern of anti-Christian violence around the world, a "global war on Christians."

Sri Lanka Easter church and hotel bombings kill nearly 300 - NC Register

According to the BBC there has been concern that Sri Lankans who had been part of the Islamic State could become a threat, as they have begun returning to the country from the Middle East.

Accepting Holy Week - CNA

Lent can be a strange liturgical season for mothers.

Heaven Is Real - First Things

As we prepare for Easter, we should pray for a profound reorientation to the knowledge that "we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" and act accordingly.

The Easter Effect Today - The Catholic Difference

Some two millennia ago, a ragtag bunch of nobodies learned what their tortured and executed friend, the rabbi Jesus from Nazareth, meant by "rising from the dead".

We shall be different — and ourselves - The Catholic Thing

Our task is not to make a "better world," but to make better persons in whatever world we find ourselves.

A secular Jew makes a surprising discovery about Christians and American slavery - Acton

Christians ended slavery. That is the considered conclusion of a Nobel laureate, a former communist, a secular Jew, and arguably the foremost scholar on American slavery.

A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama: "Don't Force Your Sexual Ideology on Me and My Children" - Public Discourse

Mothers are very good at educating and protecting our children from harm when we believe they are in danger. This time, that danger is the sexual ideology of the Left.

Understanding Gender Dysphoria and Its Treatment in Children and Adolescents - Public Discourse

In an era of evidence-based medicine, gender dysphoria is somehow exempt.

Women's sports may one day soon consist entirely of men - Spectator

The only piece of research done on transgender women competing in women's sports had a sample size of eight people.

The Images That Could Help Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral - The Atlantic

And the young, brilliant professor who made them before he died.

Why we mourn Notre Dame - G Adventures

The Cathedral fire represented, to all those watching, the loss of something beyond the physical building itself.

The Unheard Story of the Sistine Chapel - TED

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most iconic buildings on earth—but there's a lot you probably don't know about it.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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