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December 16, 2020

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

Happy Feast of St. Lucy!

St. Lucy is the patron saint of blindness: her name means "light."  Our faith is the light by which we see the truth.  Part of our purpose here at CERC is "to exemplify and promote the understanding that true faith and sound reason can never be in conflict."

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God bless! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"The birth of Christ is the central event in the history of the earth — the very thing the whole story has been about." - C.S. Lewis

New Resources

Forgiveness of Sins - Ruth Burrows - from Through Him, With Him, in Him: Meditations on the Liturgical Seasons

[We cannot give ourselves] to the liturgy of Advent without being made aware that a sense of sinfulness is being forced upon us

Memory and Gratitude - Francis X. Maier - The Catholic Thing

The problem with Christians, Charles Péguy (reportedly) once said, is that they don't believe what they believe.

Mr. Biden and the Matter of Scandal - Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. - First Things

In the year ahead, a great many people will be watching our nation's Catholic leadership.  They will be led, for good or for ill, by the witness of America's bishops.

Righteous Gentile - Brad Miner - The Catholic Thing

In 1943, there was an uprising against the Nazi occupiers in the Jewish ghetto in Czestochowa, Poland, which the SS quickly crushed, killing many Jews.

Being in Church is Essential, Governor. Virtual is Not the Same as Real. - Monsignor Charles Pope - National Catholic Register

Many of us have heard expressed the formulaic regret by someone declining to attend an event: "Though I can't be there, I'll be there with you in spirit!"

Why Are So Many Girls Rejecting Womanhood? - Patti Armstrong - National Catholic Register

"The Church gives thanks for each and every woman ... for all women as they have come forth from the heart of God in all the beauty and richness of their femininity..." - Pope St. John Paul II

Editorials of Interest

Apostolic Letter: Patris Corde - Vatican

The Holy Father Pope Francis on the 150th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church.

Plenary Indulgences available throughout the Year of Saint Joseph - Rorate Caeli

The pope has introduced the Year of Saint Joseph to celebrate the 150 years of his Patronage over the Universal Church.

St. Juan Diego hailed as messenger of hope, healing for Native Americans - CWR

Juan Diego, an Aztec convert to Catholicism, witnessed the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City 1531. The apparition and its miraculous Marian image led to mass conversions of native American communities to Catholicism.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception: America's Real National Day - Crisis Magazine

First and foremost, to be a good American means to be a child of Mary. It means loving and revering the saints, blesseds, and candidates for sainthood produced by our land, and its Catholic history.

Quick hits on Covid: one bold bishop, and a plea for more - Catholic Culture

While other American bishops hasten to encourage use of a Covid vaccine, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas is once again taking a strong stand.

"Those who question the sanctity of John Paul II don't know what they're talking about" - First Things

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, who served Pope John Paul II as the papal Vicar for Rome, responds to various attacks on John Paul's character and competence since the publication of the McCarrick Report.

Advent and Penitence, Past and Present - Catholic Stand

It is fitting to prepare for the birth of the Savior by reminding ourselves of our need for salvation.

Keeping silence in the cloister of our hearts this Advent - Ignitum Today

When our hearts become a "cloister" the quiet offers a peace and stillness that stays with us even when our whole world seems to be upset.

The Great Refusal or Mary's Fiat: An Advent Reflection - Public Discourse

Mary's fiat is a magnanimous expression of receptivity and gratitude, rather than revolt. It is a humble and even joyous reception of something given that she did not choose: God's will. In the broader cultural sense, adopting Mary's receptivity would entail a thankful and receptive attitude towards a rich cultural patrimony, inherited tradition, and indeed given nature.

Yes, December 25th is the Biblical Date of Christmas - Catholic365

The next time someone asks if December 25th is really Jesus' birthday, you can point to these passages in the Bible and confidently answer, YES.

How to Deal With Death During "the Holidays" - NC Register

The Church has abundant spiritual resources to help the grieving. Let's deploy them this "holiday season."

The Gospel and the Natural Law - First Things

The natural law tradition posits that a God-given, self-evident universal moral order exists that human reason can grasp.

We Were Made for This Fight - Crisis Magazine

We live under snipers. They are everywhere, and they are gunning for us, our families, our children, our Church.

Christ's Mandate Couldn't Be Clearer — Even in a Pandemic - NC Register

The loss of economic and social opportunities does not translate into the loss of one's fundamental obligation to love.

Informed consent disclosure to COVID-19 vaccine trial subjects - The International Journal of Clinical Practice

COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to circulating virus.

Overcoming America's profound confusion about freedom - CWR

Our nation's survival lies not in limitless libertarianism, but in laws and customs and habits that restrain selfish impulses.

The morally stunted values of life in a meritocracy - Mercatornet

One of America's leading public intellectuals reflects on how we can restore social solidarity and overcome rancorous politics.

Two Systems of Morality - The Catholic Thing

We'll have two contrasting systems depending on which has the primacy: a morality of duty and a morality of rights.


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