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November 17, 2021
Note from the Managing Editor
This past Friday marked three weeks at home with Joseph.  The normal newborn care plus his additional medical needs (he has both a tracheostomy and g-tube) were such a huge adjustment that Mr. Field has graciously filled in for me.  Quite a treat for all of us who missed his notes!

This week we are beginning our annual Advent Fundraiser.  In celebration of twenty-five years of CERC, each newsletter will tell you a bit of our history.  From Fraser:
Officially, CERC was born after I presented a paper on the need for such a site to the 1996 Society of Catholic Social Scientists Convention and recruited eleven Catholic academics to our advisory board.  Shortly thereafter, we set up an executive board and I started working part-time on CERC while continuing to teach full-time.

It became clear very quickly that doing both jobs was really too much.  Then, one day in 1997, I received news that the Homeland Foundation in New York would grant enough funding for me to work on CERC full-time for a year.  I took a leave of absence from teaching from 1999-2000 but, by the end of that school year, CERC had little left in the kitty and no funding prospects.  I knew that, in order to continue CERC, I would have to secure funding.

But it was August 2000, the Jubilee Year, and Madeleine and I wanted to make a pilgrimage.  So we bundled up our two youngest children and drove, tenting as we went, from the west coast to Ontario, visiting all the churches we could on our way and ending up at the little shrine of Our Lady of Combermere at Madonna House.  Our daughter Elizabeth had been living nearby with the Michael O'Briens while attending the fledgling Mater Ecclesia, what was to become Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, but which at that time was holding classes in the O'Brien kitchen.

One day, while visiting the O'Brien's, I received a phone call from Fr. Bruce-John Hamilton, our pastor at home in Powell River.  He said, "Fraser, I've got a job for you: a full-time teaching position in the school, and it's yours if you want it."
More next week.  In the meantime, please help us get our fundraiser off to a great start by making a donation — just click here.

And if you've been subscribing to CERC since the beginning, or even for a while, we'd love to hear from you (and your quote might just be featured in an upcoming note!).

God bless your generosity! - Meaghen Gonzalez
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  "I would say about individuals, A Individual dies when they cease to to be surprised.  I am surprised every morning when I see the sunshine again.  When I see an act of evil I don't accomodate, I don't accomodate myself to the violence that goes on everywhere.  I am still so surprised!  That is why I am against it.  We must learn to be surprised." - Abraham Joshua Heschel  
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St. John Henry Cardinal Newman
and St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.
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