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July 20, 2022
Note from the Managing Editor
Recently I have been thinking about degrees of suffering. Our son Joseph (almost a year!) was born with a lymphatic malformation on his neck that deviated his airway. At a month old, he had major surgery to remove the majority of the malformation and at the same time was given a tracheostomy to protect his ability to breathe. We have various therapy appointments every day of the week, a few of which are at Los Angeles' Children's Hospital.

There are real challenges that come with caring for Joseph, chiefly the amount of time and energy it requires to take care of a little human being with extra medical needs. Self-pity can be tempting. But when we walk the halls of Children's Hospital and see other children and families with much greater challenges, I marvel at how easy we have it. How did we get so lucky?

Then reading about the atrocities being committed in Ukraine in The Pillar's "In Ukraine, 'God wipes away people's tears'," I can't begin to comprehend the level of suffering these people are enduring. "Large numbers of men and women who have never experienced war have been mobilized into the ranks of the Ukrainian army." The article tells of "a woman whose child was raped in front of her." On March 9, Russia bombed a maternity hospital and a woman and her baby died.

"Often, words don't mean anything," Fr. Yurii Zakharevych, chaplain in the local branch of Caritas in Kolomyia in western Ukraine, told The Pillar. "You can just take a person by the hand and cry with her. And the person already understands that she's not alone."

As Charles Lewis courageously says in "Really listen when Jesus speaks," "Death is not the last word."

Thank God for that. - Meaghen Gonzalez
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