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November 2, 2022
Note from the Managing Editor
Blessed All Souls' Day!

This week, I would like to draw your attention to "Harms Done by Gay Marriage" by R.R. Reno, Editor of First Things.

"Polarization, critical race theory, transgender ideology—our society has gone crazy," writes Reno. "We're all hungry for sound analysis and solid teaching."

That is exactly what this piece offers. We must seek to understand the truth of these phenomenons because the stakes are high:
Only the willfully blind refuse to see the increasingly dysfunctional relations between men and women. Why the male-­female dance has broken down over the past generation is not easy to explain. But it does not take a graduate degree in psychology to recognize that children need clear pathways toward adult life as men and women. Nor does it take a degree in sociology to see that those pathways are precisely what we have systematically denied to children, often in the interest of making our society more "inclusive."
Blessedly, Reno sees hope. "To the dismay of the custodians of today's liberal establishment, which has bet its own future on the presumption that the tiresome proponents of liberation represent 'the future,' a creative minority is turning to the right."

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez
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St. John Henry Cardinal Newman
and St. Justin Martyr, pray for us.
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