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October 2, 2019

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

We begin this week with a reflection on "How to Be Humble."  The humble man "knows that the less he has to do with the arranging of things, the more likely is it that things will turn out for the best."

Ann Widdecombe's resounding lecture on the "Freedom of Speech" is a must-read.  She grew up in a country that had fought the Nazis and yet permitted fascists a place in the public arena.  We believed "it was preferable to have free speech than not to be offended," she explains.  "Let's hear it, and by hearing it we can destroy it."

Next we reprint the second half of Edward Pentin's interview with Cardinal Robert Sarah.  He reminds us that "A Christian who remains alone is a Christian in danger.  Christians must gather in communities around their churches.  They must rediscover the vital importance of an intense, continuous and persevering life of prayer."

Also, the story of Joseph Stalin's daughter is fascinating.

Finally, read "Catholic schools must restore America's faith in the Real Presence."  Derek Tremblay, headmaster of Mount Royal Academy in Sunapee, New Hampshire, says "Reverence toward the Eucharist remains the most important educational objective of Catholic education."

Let us surround ourselves with good people, and wait on God's will! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"[The Eucharist] is the center of existence for me; all the rest of life is expendable." - Flannery O'Connor

New Resources

How to Be Humble - Dom Eugene Boylan, O.C.R. - This Tremendous Lover

If one asks: "How am I to become humble?" the immediate answer is "by the grace of God," and that is indeed the truth.

Freedom of Speech at the Oxford Union - Ann Widdecombe - The Oxford Union

After Ann Widdecombe's impassioned address, the Oxford Union voted by a huge margin (224 to 49) to affirm the principle of free speech.

The Catholic Church Has Lost Its Sense of the Sacred - part 2 - Edward Pentin - National Catholic Register

Part 2 of an exclusive interview with the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

When Joseph Stalin's Daughter Became Catholic - Matthew Archbold - National Catholic Register

"The Eucharist has given me life," she said — and "my father would have shot me for what I have done."

A Grammar of Dissent - Father George W. Rutler - Crisis

Let it be a reminder to all that, no matter how nouns and adjectives and adverbs are employed, messy thinking is a Grammar of Dissent.

Victor Turner - John Janaro - Magnificat

The development of the modern scientific study of anthropology seemed to offer a promising field for religious skeptics.

Catholic schools must restore America's faith in the Real Presence - Patrick J. Reilly - Crisis

So how does the Church restore faith in its most precious sacrament?

Editorials of Interest:

Balderdash on the Tiber - First Things
Turning Sauls into Pauls - First Things
Giving up the Fight - Pelican's Breast
The Sorrows of Motherhood - Pelican's Breast

Editorials of Interest

Balderdash on the Tiber - First Things

The John Paul II Institute has been hijacked by a new pack of Vandals conducting a new sack of Rome.

Evangelizing with the courtesy of Christ - CWR

The salvation of souls is the supreme law of the Church because it is the supreme purpose of the Lord Jesus.

Woman discovers Renaissance masterpiece in kitchen - The Guardian

The 700-year-old masterpiece "Christ Mocked," by the 13th-century Florentine painter Cimabue, hung in the kitchen above the hotplate used for cooking.

How will we live in the time of the transgendered? - The Catholic Thing

On the matter of race, that remaking has been largely for the good, but on the issues of human life and sexuality the Supreme Court has been a machine for deep moral inversion.

Pope Francis meets with Fr. James Martin at Vatican - CNA

The Vatican does not customarily comment on papal meetings with individual priests or bishops.

Turning Sauls into Pauls - First Things

Every conversion demands a communal conversion so the whole Church embraces a former stranger as a family member.

Giving up the Fight - Pelican's Breast

While determination has served me well in this world, having a fighting spirit makes for a pretty crummy spiritual life at times.

Lust: This deadly sin is not just about sex - Aleteia

Looking at this deadly sin as more than sexual helps us understand what goes wrong within us.

Why pride is the birth mother of all sin - Aleteia

In our fresh look at the 7 Deadly Sins, we now consider the deadliest of them all.

The Sunday Family Dinner Is Nearly Obsolete, But it's One That's Worth Bringing Back - The Hearty Soul

The Family Dinner Project is a non-profit initiative co-founded by family therapist Dr. Anna Fishel. The program works to reignite the love of family dinners in people's hearts, encouraging them to make even the smallest efforts to bring these dinners to the table.

Three mothers encounter the Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Walsingham - NC Register

Catholic families are relocating to 'England's Nazareth.'

The Sorrows of Motherhood - Pelican's Breast

In this, the month devoted to the Seven Sorrows of Mary, it seemed fitting to examine the sorrows inherent in motherhood.

3 homosexual myths and how to respond to them - NC Register

A short primer on the Church's stance on homosexuality.

UK: common sense 1, transgender sense 0 - Mercatornet

A trans man journalist loses a legal battle to be listed as "father" on a birth certificate.

The Climate Summit: to save nature we must start with human nature - Mercatornet

If we cannot understand and respect ourselves, what hope is there that we will understand and respect the world around us?

Abortion rights activists try to burn Mexico City cathedral - Catholic Herald

In response to the September 28 arson attempt, Catholics gathered before the front doors of the cathedral.

In Pakistan human traffickers are preying on Christian girls - Aleteia

Young girls are lured into abusive marriages with promises of financial security and comfort. Mehak Parvez escaped and tells Aid to the Church in Need her story.

In South Korea, abortion performed on wrong woman by mistake - CWR

The mix-up was due to an inadvertent switch of medical charts and a failure to confirm the patient's identity before the procedure.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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