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June 19, 2019

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

Some of those I love most dearly do not have faith.  I often ask myself—how can I bring God to them?  My best friend told me my job is to love them, more and more Christlike, every day.  Our reflection this week confirms that thought.  "It is not in arguing or lecturing that I can make them know who God is for us.  But in struggling with myself, in becoming with his help more Christian and more courageous, I will witness to him whose disciple I am."  Our first task is to convert ourselves.

I have a new reading goal: devour every word written by Peter Kreeft.  He's just published a "new, four-volume history of philosophy entitled Socrates' Children."

We've reprinted "The Liturgical Formation of Children: A Pastor's Letter to His Parish" about how "Catholic schools are in a privileged position to help parents in [their] vocation, by providing opportunities to form themselves as families in that true Christian spirit which is nurtured by the sacred liturgy."

And finally, some hopeful words from Robert Royal.  "We shouldn't be depressed over the current state of our post-modern, post-truth age.  The very fact that there is so much confusion of language—about dialogue, respect, tolerance, and much more in the world and even in the Church, may be the prelude to an unexpected remedy."  See "Our Tower of Babel."

This week, let us pray for those with whom we disagree.  - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you." - C.S. Lewis

New Resources

Working for the Food that Endures for Eternal Life - Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur - Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings

It is not in arguing or lecturing that I can make them know who God is for us.

"The story of philosophy is important because it's humanity's story" - Peter Kreeft - Catholic World Report

Peter Kreeft recently spoke with Catholic World Report about his new book Socrates' Children and the importance of philosophy, particularly for Catholics.

Natural Knowledge - J. Budziszewski - excerpted from What We Can't Not Know: A Guide

Certain moral truths really are common to all human beings.

The Liturgical Formation of Children - Father Christopher Smith - Chant Cafe

Catholic schools are in a privileged position to help parents in [their] vocation, by providing opportunities to form themselves as families in that true Christian spirit which is nurtured by the sacred liturgy.

Our Tower of Babel - Robert Royal - The Catholic Thing

You have to work at it not to notice similarities between the postmodern world and that very old, Old Testament story about the Tower of Babel. (Gen. 11:1-9)

The Strange Case of Dr. Biden and Mr. Hyde - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

Bishop Miler Magrath (Maolmhuire Mag Raith) of Ireland (1523-1622) wrote his own epitaph for the tomb in Cashel in which he was finally laid in his one-hundredth year.

Editorials of Interest:

Why Do We Call God 'Father'? - Catholic Exchange
Blessings When Cursed - First Things
The Key of Peace - Bacon for Acorns
Did You Know? - uCatholic

Editorials of Interest

Gender Theory's Tyranny of the Will - Crisis Magazine

A jarring dose of reality is currently rocking the already-distorted world of "LGBT-friendly" Catholics across the globe, courtesy of the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education's new resource, "Male and Female He Created Them."

Papal interviews have become almost entirely secular - Catholic Herald

Papal interviews are now quantitatively ordinary. They are marked by an increasingly worldly ethos; the unique papal voice has now become more like any number of worldly voices.

New documentary pays tribute to Charleston church victims - Angelus News

"Emanuel" commemorates the nine church members of Emanuel AME Church, who were gunned down by a 21-year-old white supremacist during Bible study on June 17, 2015.

Notre-Dame to celebrate first mass since fire shuttered cathedral - France 24

The Notre-Dame cathedral hosted its first mass since a fire ravaged the Paris landmark almost two months ago.

Successful executive leaves everything behind to enter ancient mountain monastery - Aleteia

David Valls, a 57-year-old former high-level executive who worked for many years for a multinational oil company, recently entered the community of Benedictine monks in Montserrat, Spain.

Teen's Sad End Suggests New Standard in Accepting 'Right to Die' - The Stream

Her case begs the question: How long will it be until severely depressed people are allowed to commit suicide and encouraged to do so as a way to cope with their pain?

On the Bride of Christ as Bride: Why the Church Has No Room for 'Christian Feminism' - OnePeter5

Christianity and feminism are like oil and water.

The Lord's Prayer: What Does 'Lead Us Not Into Temptation' Mean? - Lion & Ox

It has been suggested that this particular formation of words in English is the result of a bad or faulty translation.

Pope Francis, the uniqueness of Christ, and the will of the Father - CWR

Pope Francis is noted for his ambiguous statements, but I find the indeterminate meaning contained in the Abu Dhabi statement the most egregious.

Why Do We Call God 'Father'? - Catholic Exchange

As the Word made flesh, Jesus' revelation of God as Father was both free and deliberate. But why?

Blessings When Cursed - First Things

Expressive individualism is a universal condition in the West. But decrying individualism does not explain why some identity choices — homosexual or transgender — are acceptable, while others — traditional Roman Catholic or conservative Protestant — are not.

Kicking the Perfectionism Habit - National Review

A former White House speechwriter opts for the more saintly option.

The Key of Peace - Bacon from Acorns

"Peace is the tranquility of order."

Vatican: married priests on agenda - New York Times

In a potentially groundbreaking move, the Roman Catholic Church on Monday cracked open the door to ordaining married, elderly men to the priesthood to meet the pastoral needs of Catholics in remote areas of the Amazon.

How fathers bring about the home in their wives' and children's lives - LifeSiteNews

Because he is not related to his children with emotional or physiological ties of the same intensity as a mother's, the father of a family is in an extremely precarious position.

New online community will support those living the 'NFP lifestyle' - Aleteia

"NFP can feel very isolating in a culture like ours, and nobody should feel like they're going it alone."

Noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews wants your young athlete to stay healthy by playing less - Cleveland

Noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews wants to convince parents that pushing their children into year-round sports can be dangerous to the youngsters' health.

Why All Males Need Rites of Passage - Those Catholic Men

Paternity — the heart of authentic masculinity — is something a man must choose and embrace. Rites of passage are designed to help make a man of him so that he will choose it.

Did You Know? - uCatholic

A list of the patron saints for all 50 states.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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