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April 21, 2021

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

Happy third week of Easter!

We have a wonderful newsletter for you this week.  I particularly enjoyed John Cuddeback's "Our Pressing Need for Friendship" — an important message especially now, when our communal natures have been ignored and denied for the past year.

Bishop Robert Barron's "We're all becoming Platonists now" was also extremely eye-opening.  (I had no idea purely Platonic thought could be problematic!)  "In his principal work, The Open Society and Its Enemies, [Karl] Popper identified Plato as the father of modern totalitarianism, for Platonic political thought, he argued, subordinates the individual to a grandly abstract construal of justice. So as to attain the right balance between the three great divisions of society .  .  .  the guardians, Plato's philosopher-kings, can utterly control the lives of those in his charge, even to the point of censoring music and poetry, regulating pregnancy and childbirth, eliminating private property, and annulling the individual family."  Sound familiar?

In other news, our Editor Fraser and his wife Madeleine along with CERC headquarters have moved again to, providentially, Mary Street.  Their new address is:

2-222 Mary Street

Victoria, B.C. V9A 3V9

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy." - Jacques Maritain

New Resources

The Eucharistic Heart of Our Lord - Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, o.p. - from Our Savior and His Love For Us

The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus yearns to attract our souls to itself.

The Urgent Need for Fatherhood - Fr. Jacques Philippe - from Priestly Fatherhood: Treasure in Earthen Vessels

As we all know, there is a crisis of fatherhood today.

There Will Your Heart Be Also - Anthony Esolen - Magnificat

Indulge me, reader, while I set a remarkable stage:

Our Pressing Need for Friendship - John A. Cuddeback - LifeCraft

"Besides, friendship is especially necessary for living. . ." - Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

We're all becoming Platonists now - Bishop Robert Barron - Word on Fire

One of the most fundamental divides in the history of philosophy is that between a more Platonic approach and a more Aristotelian approach.

Servant of God Gertrude Barber - Heather King - Magnificat

Servant of God Gertrude Barber (1911-2000) dedicated her life to serving children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Conan Doyle's Through the Magic Door - Theodore Dalrymple - The Skeptical Doctor

When Dr Watson first describes the character of Sherlock Holmes, he presents the man who is soon to become his friend as a complete philistine where literature and philosophy are concerned.

Editorials of Interest

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan: It's Time to Get Back to Mass! - Catholic NY

God told us, "Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day!"

Scott Hahn's best every talk - St. Paul Center

Start your study of The Bible and the Mass while these talks are available for free

Right the Wrong: Stand Against Use of Aborted Children in COVID-19 Vaccine Development - YouTube

Bishop Joseph Strickland recently promulgated a pastoral letter "On the Ethical Development of COVID-19 Vaccine." He called for the vaccine for COVID-19 to be developed without the use of aborted children. Stacy Trasancos, Director of the St. Philip Institute, and Deacon Keith Fournier, Board Member, discuss the significance of this historic letter.

A Broken Society Explains Why People Are So Lonely - Those Catholic Men

A friend of mine works at a health clinic in a medium-sized town in the Midwest. He told me about a particular kind of patient that comes in for treatment. The curious thing about these particular patients is that they are not sick.

Catholic Men, Rise Up and Fight - Crisis Magazine

We've been writing for years about the crisis of manhood, and that crisis has come to a head within the past year, particularly in the Catholic Church.

Not a Loaf, but Leaven - The Catholic Thing

Arecent Gallup poll indicates that, for the first time in living memory, fewer than half of Americans (47 percent) consider themselves members of a church.

On the intimate nature of Confession - CWR

The practice of confession and the seeking of absolution is both primal and practical.

Should Suffering Shake Our Faith? - Word on Fire

Premier Christian Radio in the UK just sponsored a survey that investigated how the COVID crisis has affected religious beliefs and attitudes.

Philip, Prince of Nowhere - UnHerd

The ultimate outsider somehow became a figurehead for Britishness.

A Medical Student Questioned Microaggressions. UVA Branded Him a Threat and Banished Him from Campus. - reason

Kieran Bhattacharya's First Amendment lawsuit can proceed, a court said.

A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say 'Listen to the Science' - FEE

When people say "follow the science," often what they're really saying is "follow our plan."

Science, Politics, and COVID: Will Truth Prevail? - Imprimis

The COVID pandemic has been a tragedy, no doubt. But it has exposed profound issues in America that threaten the principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted.

The border is even worse than you think - Washington Examiner

Anyone paying attention to the news knows the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border is terrible. Anyone who actually visits the border discovers it is worse than that.

Catholic martyrs' bones identified almost 150 years after discovery in an attic - CWR

It's a mystery that has puzzled researchers for almost 150 years.

Jordan Peterson Explains the Death Of Mainstream Media - YouTube

Jordan B. Peterson discusses why the mainstream media is dead.

RIP Judith Reisman, counter-revolutionary and founder of th
e anti-Kinsey movement
- The Bridgehead

Reisman, the woman dubbed "the founder of the modern anti-Kinsey movement" by the New Yorker, was a counter-revolutionary in a culture where the Sexual Revolution has been utterly ascendant.

Ideas have consequences - CWR

An excerpt from Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living, by Charles J. Chaput.

St. John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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