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March 11, 2020

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

"Jesus' holiness is invincible.  No defilement can contaminate him; rather, he removes defilement from whoever approaches him in faith.  It is a powerful message for those who feel unworthy even to approach him."  This powerful reflection begins our newsletter this week.

"Roger Scruton Was a Conservative.  But What Kind?" Robert P. George tells us: He watched "protesters in the streets from the window of his apartment in Paris in May 1968, and [realized] that building things of value ... is hard and takes time, while destroying them is easy and often accomplished in a flash.  It was then, he said, that he became, or realized that he was, a conservative."

With the advent of elections in the US, the dichotomy between liberal and conservative poses a personal question to conscientious voters.  Fr. George Rutler reminds us of the words of Pope Pius XI: "Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist."  See "The seductions of Socialism."

God bless you all this week! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"There are many critics who claim that it is morbid to confess your sins. But the morbid thing is not to confess them. The morbid thing is to conceal your sins and let them eat away at your soul, which is exactly the state of most people in today's highly civilized communities." - G. K. Chesterton

New Resources

"Be made clean" - Mary Healy - from Healing: Bringing the Gift of God's Mercy to the World

In the ancient world, leprosy was a deadly and terrifying disease.

Yes, I'd Become Catholic Again - Michael Pakaluk - The Catholic Thing

If I were an eager "C.S. Lewis" Protestant — as I once was — I would become a Catholic, here and now, again.

Roger Scruton Was a Conservative. But What Kind? - Robert P. Geoerge - The New York Times

The philosopher, who died in January, defied stereotypes by remaining true to his moral sensibility.

Teacher to the Nation - Anthony Esolen - Magnificat

The scene is the Basilica of Saint Mark, in Milan, in 1874.

Jean-François Millet - Heather King - Magnificat

By the time Jean-François Millet had at last gained some grudging respect from the Paris Salon, his health was failing. 

'Why does the Catholic Church hate gay people?' - Father Carter Griffin - Mercatornet

Or rather, why do so many people think that it does?

The seductions of Socialism - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

Socialism in the guise of benevolence exploits the naive.

Editorials of Interest:

James Martin S.J. Strikes Again - The Catholic Thing

Editorials of Interest

Vatican opens archives of Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII - BBC

The Vatican has opened its archives on the wartime papacy of Pius XII, kept secret for decades amid accusations that he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust.

4 ways to gain a plenary indulgence daily this Lent - NC Register

Four ways to potentially gain a plenary indulgence every day can make this Lent a spiritual standout.

Cardinal Collins blasts Canadian assisted dying laws - CWR

Canada is embracing "death on demand" in its healthcare laws, according to Cardinal Thomas Collins in a strong denunciation of the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) laws in an op-ed published Monday, March 2.

Announcing a New Catholic Artists Directory - NLM

The Catholic Artists Directory, founded in 2019 by artist Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs, makes easily available to patrons of the arts a list of talented artists, devoted both to their Catholic faith and to their respective craft.

Pray this novena for protection against Coronavirus - NC Register

Our Lady of Monte Berico is the perfect intercessor.

Minnesota bishops issue guidelines on transgenderism in Catholic schools - CWR

The Catholic bishops of Minnesota have published guidelines regarding gender identity and Catholic schools, emphasizing the Catholic mission of schools and the Church's doctrinal teaching on sexuality and identity.

Portland archdiocese: Coronavirus or no, Communion can be received on the tongue - CNA

The risk of transmitting infection when receiving on the tongue or hand is "more or less equal."

James Martin S.J. Strikes Again - The Catholic Thing

There are not various categories of human beings based on what sexual activity they engage in or feel drawn towards. We are all one in our humanity.

Jean Vanier's Sins Are His Own - Crisis Magazine

Added to this unhappy revelation [about Jean Vanier] is a bizarre criticism of the Catholic Church, as if it were as much to blame for Vanier's lurid behavior as he was.

Our First Catholic President? - Crisis Magazine

On Ash Wednesday, the White House released a remarkable statement from President Trump.

British mother to have 22nd child - The Sun

Britain's largest family is soon to become even bigger as Sue Radford is set to give birth to her 22nd child in just four weeks.

Colombia Upholds Abortion Laws as Legalization Battle Shifts to Argentina - WSJ

Both countries have become the focus of activists working to loosen Latin America's strict laws against the procedure.

A history of impunity in Nigeria has led to increased Christian persecution - Religion Unplugged

In December 2019, news began to filter out of Nigeria that a Daesh affiliated terror group has been responsible for the brutal murder of several Christians. The new wave of killings does not come as a surprise.

30 Years Later, 3 Lessons From The Fall Of Romanian Communism - The Federalist

I've spent my adult life working to alleviate the damage of Marxism. We don't want it here.

Books about next to nothing - First Things

In The Decline of the Novel, Joseph Bottum puts words to something every reader of fiction has long sensed in his bones...

Death on Demand Comes to Germany - First Things

The sanctity of life ethic has been replaced by the drive to eliminate suffering, even if this requires eliminating the sufferer.

Making sense and staying sane in the age of anxiety - CWR

We all need to reorient ourselves away from the standards of a world that is losing its grip on reality and toward what is permanent and real.

There's undeniable proof for God's existence. Most people just ignore it. - LifeSite News

Truly, as the Psalmist says, it is only 'the fool' who 'hath said in his heart: There is no God.'

Spectacular lost medieval chapel is unearthed at Auckland Castle - The Northern Echo

The remains of a long-lost medieval chapel — comparable to some of the greatest in Europe — have been uncovered by archaeologists in County Durham.

A Return to Modesty (full book) - Google Books

"The book that inspired a generation, now updated for this new age of over-sharing; a must-read guide to establishing boundaries and self-respect."

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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