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February 28, 2018

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

We begin with a reflection from Hugh of Balma: "Deliver us from evil" — "not that we might escape the punishment we deserve, but that we might not incur the darkening that would render us less desirable in our Beloved's eyes."

Then we have two pieces on the current situation with China, where the Vatican may soon accept state-appointed bishops.  Historically, such concessions in return for legal protections do not work.  "On any realistic assessment of China's future," says George Weigel, "the Catholic Church comes out the loser."  And Fr. Raymond de Souza writes about Cardinal Zen, the retired bishop of Hong Kong, who says that his people are not so much concerned about material or physical losses: rather "their greatest pain is to be betrayed." (editor's note: I have not been able to secure reprint permission for the George Weigel piece in time for the update. Please read that article at NRO here)

An interview with Archbishop Chaput gives us clear direction.  "Ignore the nonsense and live your faith in conformity with what the Church has always taught."

One of those teachings is alms giving, especially during Lent, and you can practice as easily as clicking "Make a donation" on the top right. - Meaghen Hale

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"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. - C.S. Lewis

New Resources

Deliver Us from Evil - Hugh of Balma - from Carthusian Spirituality: The Writings of Hugh of Balma and Gigo de Ponte

The seventh petition follows: "But deliver us from evil".

Loving our nothingness - Father Peter John Cameron, O.P. - Magnificat

Whenever I give a talk about loving our nothingness, someone always reacts adversely. They take it as an insult, as if nothingness implies they are bad or worthles

On the Vatican's Reported Capitulation to Beijing - George Weigel - National Review Online

As strategy in the gray twilight zone of world politics, dealing with the Devil — at least as Vatican diplomacy has done in dealing with totalitarianisms — has never worked out.

Zen Is Now - Father Raymond J. de Souza - Convivium

At a Cardus-Convivium event five years ago, China's Cardinal Joseph Zen warned sharply of dangers to the Catholic Church in courting the Communist regime.

10 Books That Every Boy Should Hazard - Sean Fitzpatrick - Crisis Magazine

Thanks to the adulterators of children's literature, the natural anticipations when approaching forgotten classics have been skewed.

Catholics Need Faith and Reason, Not a New Paradigm - The Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. - CNA/EWTN News

Recovering the discipline of good Catholic moral reasoning is urgent, Philadelphia shepherd says.

The Death of an Evangelical Titan - Bishop Robert Barron - Word on Fire

I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Billy Graham preach about twenty years ago in Cincinnati.

Kindlifresser - Father George W. Rutler - From the Pastor

Few lands are more cheerful than beautiful Switzerland.

Second Sunday of Lent - Father John Horgan - CERC

The sacrifice of Isaac.

Editorials of Interest:

Taking Leave - First Things
Francis' Fifth: A Pontificate of Footnotes - Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Catholic Register
Let's Ban Porn - Ross Douthat - New York Times
State Islam in France - City Journal
When Will the Shooting Stop? - Crisis Magazine
On Being Catholic - The Catholic Thing
Mary Beth Bonacci is back - Catholic World Report
Perfectly Imperfect - Dynamic Catholic

Editorials of Interest

Taking Leave - First Things

Learning To Take Leave, Pope Francis' new apostolic letter in the form of a motu proprio, addresses the procedure by which Curial officials and bishops are invited to resign upon turning seventy-five.

Development, or Corruption? - First Things

Can there be "paradigm shifts" in the interpretation of the deposit of faith?

Cardinal Collins of Toronto calls for resistance to a controversial new government requirement - Catholic World Report

A controversial new government requirement on organizations applying for summer hiring assistance constitutes "an ideological test."

Francis' Fifth: A Pontificate of Footnotes - Father Raymond J. de Souza - National Catholic Register

The heart of the current pontificate is understood more in the footnotes than the main text.

The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College - Cardinal Newman Society

The Newman Guide recommends Catholic colleges and universities because of their commitment to a faithful Catholic education.

Let's Ban Porn - Ross Douthat - New York Times

That we cannot imagine such censorship is part of our larger inability to imagine any escape from the online world’s immersive power.

Lent: A time to be broken? - Aleteia

We fallen and stubborn humans do need a divine savior, and Lent is an annual reminder that we don't have to die in our sins.

How Lent is observed around the world - Aleteia

Around the world, there are four major Catholic rites: the Roman, the Antiochian, the Alexandrian, and the Byzantine. Lent is practiced differently in each.

10 Million Catholics in China Face Storm They Can't Control - NY Times

The Vatican may force many local communities to accept clerics appointed by China's Communist authorities rather than popular "underground" church leaders who have resisted state control for decades.

Recent polls encourage Ireland's pro-life advocates - EWTN News

Support for abortions past three months' gestation fell to 43% from 51%, while opposition to changing the country's abortion laws rose to 35% from 27%.

State Islam in France - City Journal

President Macron faces major questions regarding French secularism.

When Will the Shooting Stop? - Crisis Magazine

The worst mistake of liberalism is that it deprives life of its meaning.

Drunk stoned perverted dead - Edward Feser

The Fifth Commandment, besides forbidding murder and self-destruction, is taken to forbid self-mutilation and to command a reasonable care of one's own life and health. Drunkenness is a kind of suicide.

On Being Catholic - The Catholic Thing

The Catholic Church has, in fact, been about the last bastion of the Socratic principle in the modern world. Clearly, if its authority contradicts itself at a deep level, something has gone wrong.

The New York Times Reacts to Falling Fertility Rates - Crisis Magazine

The great cultural rot born of the 1960s and the rejection of Humanae vitae lay precisely in this degradation of life and fertility from being a good-in-itself to being merely a useful good.

Cardinal Dolan leads tributes to Billy Graham - Catholic Herald

"There was no question that the Dolans were a Catholic family, firm in our faith, but in our household there was always respect and admiration for Billy Graham and the work he was doing to bring people to God."

Family Faith Snapshots: Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman - NC Register

The knowledge that the father is the "priest" of the domestic church is awe-inspiring. My kids will be influenced far more by what I do than by what I say. This motivates me to be a man of God, not just in word but in deed.

Mary Beth Bonacci is back - Catholic World Report

Physical strain and a stalker scare led the popular speaker and author to take a break in 2005. Now she's returning to the speaking ministry she loves.

This former Warner Bros. exec is making digital media work for the Church - Catholic World Report

Matt Meeks, chief digital officer for the Archdiocese of LA, left a career in Hollywood to further the work of the Church in a new media landscape.

Dear regular Mass-goers: the seats at the end of the pew aren't for you. - America Magazine

While traveling for work, I was at a different Catholic parish every weekend. I was officially welcomed, but it was not working. Why? I think it is because I had to climb over people to get into a pew.

Perfectly Imperfect - Dynamic Catholic

The best version of yourself is not something you choose. It's something you discover.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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