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January 6, 2021

Note from the Assistant Managing Editor:

Happy New Year!

Our reflection this week is a must-read as you set your goals and resolutions for 2021.  We can place so much importance on what we achieve — and Saint John Henry Newman reminds us that our true value is in who we are, in our divinely-appointed purpose.

I highly recommend Msgr. Charles Pope's "5 Hard Truths We've Come to See With 2020 Vision."  It is an excellent summary of the "lessons" we have been taught in the past year, and clearly outlines the challenges we will face moving forwards.

"11 Ways to Foster the Christmas Spirit All Year Long" is another worthy read with practical suggestions not only to grow gratitude but also to practice generosity.  Many of these, like donating to a soup kitchen or donating an animal to a poor family in a third-world country, you can do right now.

God bless you all this year! - Meaghen Gonzalez

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"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often." - Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman

New Resources

Who are you? - Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman - Sophia Institute Press

God has created me to do him some definite service; he has committed some work to me which he has not committed to another.

5 Hard Truths We've Come to See With 2020 Vision - Monsignor Charles Pope - National Catholic Register

Among other things, the events of the past year have taught us that fear can be coercive, and that respect for authority is plummeting.

This Is the Day the Lord Has Made — Even During a Pandemic - Father Marcus Mallick - Adoremus Bulletin

In an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19, government leaders in the United States made the historically unprecedented decision to shut down all non-essential services. Religious services were deemed non-essential.

God Makes No Mistakes - Anthony Esolen - Magnificat

The year is 1013, and we are in the castle of the Count of Altshausen, in Swabia.

11 Ways to Foster the Christmas Spirit All Year Long - Thomas Lickona - Psychology Today

Help your kids think a little less about getting, and a little more about giving.

Editorials of Interest

Cardinal Burke: Forces of the 'Great Reset' have used COVID to advance 'evil agenda' - alpha news

"So many in the Church seem to have no understanding of how Christ continues his saving work in times of plague and of other disasters."

The Father We Need - The Catholic Thing

Joseph's fatherhood is a necessary medicine for our ills.

The Holy Family's marriage advice - Aleteia

Four ways that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph set us on the right track in everyday life.

Conscience - Newman Reader

"It seems, then, that there are extreme cases in which Conscience may come into collision with the word of a Pope, and is to be followed in spite of that word."

2020: the year the elites failed upwards - UnHerd

After months of repeated errors and deceptions, experts and institutions are more powerful than ever.

A Pastor on the Vaccines - The Catholic Thing

People must push back as they can, and that may include — in some cases — refusing to be vaccinated with a particular vaccine. But they could use the backing of the bishops and other leaders who understand what is at stake.

Catholics and the Incoming Biden Administration - First Things

Given what is at stake for millions of prenatal lives — as well as their mothers (who are often coerced into abortions they don't want) — Catholics have no choice: We must engage Biden after his inauguration.

Biden's Leftward Drift on Abortion - First Things

If there was any hope that Biden might tack back to the center, the choice of Becerra made it clear that he was not looking for a modern-day Califano to hold the line.

Live Not By Lies - Orthodoxy Today

Solzhenitsyn penned this essay in 1974 and it circulated among Moscow's intellectuals at the time. It is dated Feb. 12, the same day that secret police broke into his apartment and arrested him. The next day, he was exiled to West Germany. The essay is a call to moral courage and serves as light to all who value truth.

How Dyslexic Kids Learn to Read When Removed From School - Psychology Today

Parents say removing pressure is the key to their children's learning to read.

The Myth that Americans Were Poorly Educated before Mass Government Schooling - FEE

Early America had widespread literacy and a vibrant culture of learning.

Kosher Slaughter and the Dignity of All Creatures - First Things

On December 17, the Court of Justice of the European Union upheld Belgium's ban on ritual slaughter (shechita for Jews and dhab??ah for Muslims). The same Jewish law that has been deemed inhumane by the European Union does far more to prevent animal cruelty than Belgium's law.

Ten Reasons to Believe In Santa Claus - Crisis Magazine

Sadly, many parents reject Santa Claus as a lie, relinquishing their traditional league famously described in Dr. Moore's poem "A Visit from Saint Nicholas." But Santa Claus must be believed in, as a truth enacting the Christmastide interplay of man and God.

The Ethics of Jolly Old Elfland - OnePeter5

The story of Santa Claus need not diminish the great mysteries of Christmas when it can exist alongside of them and point us in their direction.

Scotland names its snow plows and their titles are amazing - Road Show

The practice of naming plows goes back to 2006 when the Scottish Transport Ministry encouraged wee school children to come up with funny monikers for them.

St. John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us

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