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"Testify to me"


We on Moloka'i believed in the light.

KailioheWe tried to keep our bowls full of pure energy and to light the paths of all who came our way.  When the missionaries came they showed us pictures of Jesus.  He was surrounded by light.  The stories they told us from their Bible book were full of loving one another, so we all became Christians.

Jesus was a lover.  He taught love.  All the stories they told about him were about love.  He taught the same things we taught our children; don't kick unless you expect to be kicked back.  Don't say mean things for words hurt worse than stones.  Love the old ones, love your parents, love your sisters and brothers, love the babies.  The more love you give the more you will receive back into your life….

Father Damien was a quiet man who never yelled at us, or seemed to get angry at us.  He asked us questions about why we believed certain things.  We loved him.  We all wanted him to stay with us but he always got on his donkey and rode away.  He explained that Jesus never had a home or a bed, and, like Jesus, he would travel from place to place telling people about the love our heavenly Father had for us.  Watching him I learned about Jesus.



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The Author

Kaili'ohe Kame'ekua was a native Hawaiian who knew Saint Damien. She was born in 1816 and lived to be 115 years old. 

Copyright © 2009 Anwei Skinsnes Law & Henry G. Law.
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