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Sin is Soooo Boring!


OK. I admit it, and I'm sure every other priest will admit it too.

confession789We get bored in the confessional.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not bored by people.  I love people and am endlessly fascinated by people.  People aren't boring.  Their problems aren't boring.

But sin is boring.  Really.

To be honest, there really aren't that many sins.  Satan can't create anything.  All he can do is destroy or distort all that God has made that is beautiful, good and true.

I believe in original sin, but there's nothing original about sin.  It's dull.  It's derivative.  It's deadly.

This is one of the devil's main lies.  He dresses sin up to make it attractive and he tells us that holiness is boring and dull.  Some religious people are without doubt very dull and boring, but the saints are not.  The saints are endlessly alive, creative and amazing human beings.

But the devil dresses up sin to try to make it attractive and seductive, but it is not just putting lipstick on a pig, it's worse than that.  It's adding syrup to cyanide.

"Here.  Taste this you'll like it!" he says.  "Just a spoonful of syrup helps the cyanide go down!"

The way Satan dresses up sin reminds me of one of these ancient hags who have had endless face lifts and have slapped on the make up and a ghastly wig, pulled on some hot pants and some low cut top to stand on the corner and pout.  The guy pulls up thinking it is a sexy babe and she turns out to be a clapped out old harridan.

That's why sin is not only boring.  It's sad.

What to do about it?  Pray to God that he will renew your heart and mind so that you see reality.  Pray that you will see sin for the sad, boring, dead dull and distorted thing that it really is.  Regard it as you would a dead rat — with disgust and horror.

Pray also that you will see and know and come to love the radiant beauty of goodness.  Pray that you might come to know, understand and love the joyous power of goodness.

Pray that you might run on the path of God's commandments with your heart overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.



longenecker Father Dwight Longenecker. "Sin is Soooo Boring!" Patheos (Standing on My Head) (Nov. 4, 2016).

Reprinted with permission from Father Dwight Longenecker. See the original article here.

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