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Nothing for the Journey but Jesus


Deep in us all is the will to power...

dominic2242... the will to control the world, to control people in order to serve our own ends.  Our own ends may seem modest indeed, little more than self-preservation; nevertheless the ego standing behind this modest need has a rapacity far outstripping its claim.  It is a mistake to think it is only powerful personalities that are involved.  The drive may be more obvious in them but it is there every bit as much in the weak.... The way to God for all of us requires on our part an unselfish generosity in the efforts we must make towards it in accepting the work of God, who reaches down to our entrails to wrest us from our selfish selves.

In reality these two aspects intertwine.  God is always working to bring us to an awareness and acceptance of our poverty, which is the essential condition of our being able to receive him, and the petty frustrations, the restrictions, the humiliations, the occasions when we are made to feel poignantly and distressingly hedged around, not in control of the world, not even in control of that tiny corner of it we are supposed to call our own, are his chosen channel into the soul.  It is the one who has learned to bow his head, to accept the yoke, who knows what freedom is.

No one who has read the Gospel seriously can think that this counsel of Jesus means a passive, cowardly "I'm-a-door-mat-walk-over-me" attitude.  He always remains our example.  He accepted as none other ever can the essential poverty of the human condition and the working out of that in everyday life…. Only living faith can see this.  It means really embracing Jesus, really believing in the Son of Man.



burrowsRuth Burrows. "Nothing for the Journey but Jesus."  from To Believe in Jesus (London, UK: Bloomsbury Publishing Pic., 1987).

Reprinted by permission of Bloomsbury Publishing.

The Author

burrows2burrows1Ruth Burrows is the pen name of Sister Rachel, O.C.D., a nun of the Carmelite monastery at Quidenham in Norwich, England. Among her books are Guidelines for Mystical Prayer, Essence of Prayer, and To Believe in Jesus.

Copyright © 1987 Bloomsbury Publishing
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