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"It is wonderful in our eyes"


Man himself fell through sin. 

SimeonfdsYet God so loved him and judged him so important that he sent to earth his only Son, who was true God, so that he might become man and make right our fall by spilling his blood.  If one can estimate the value of something by its cost, what estimate could be made for man redeemed at such an excessive, inconceivable price?

O my God, as you have restored the loss of the human race by the price of the blood of your Son Jesus, true God and true man, give me the grace to know the dignity and excellence of my soul, won by such a price.  Grant that I may value the true worth of the grace of divine adoption, which admits me to participate in your eternal richness.

I ask you for the grace to not descend from this dignity and to retain it by holy actions.  Forgive me for the times I have forgotten the excellence of my soul and have handed it over to the devil and the world for frivolous pleasures, for false honors, for puerile interests.  As this soul is made for you, so for you alone do I reserve it henceforth.  Guard this intention of mine.  I ask you this through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.



HyacintheBlessed Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P. "It is wonderful in our eyes." Dominicana: Journal of the Dominican Students of the St. Joseph Province Vol. LVIII, Winter 2015, No. 2.

Translated from the German by Dominicana a publication of by the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC.

The Author

Blessed Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, O.P. († 1916) was a French Dominican friar and priest, who served as the 76th Master of his Order from 1904 until 1916. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 20 November 1994.

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