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Divine tenderness


What shall we say then of the divine tenderness towards us?


How can we not be astounded when we think that we ourselves, at each moment, are the fruit of God's love and that we have an eternal cradle in his heart! How many people, driven out of their minds by their solitude, in despair because of the apparent uselessness of their lives, would find a way out of their torment if they could become conscious of all that the fatherhood of God implies for them. Their existence must be indispensable to some sublime design since it is given to them today by an infinite wisdom.

This conviction cannot fail to generate an unshakable faith in the soul which is nourished by it, in the very midst of the worst degradations, since the light is always shining, even in our periods of deepest darkness, since God never ceases to give being even to those who receive it only to refuse to give it.

"In this lies (the mystery of) Love," says Saint John, "that we are not the ones who loved God first, but that he was the first to love us." And it will be so until the end: Love is what will judge the world.




zundel Father Maurice Zundel. "Divine tenderness." excerpt from The Gospel Within (Mediaspaul, 1993).

Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

The Author

zundel3zundel1Father Maurice Zundel (1897-1975) was a Swiss mystic, poet, philosopher, liturgist and author. He is the author of The Gospel WithinThe Splendor of the Liturgy, The Inner Person: Finding God Within, and Wonder and Poverty

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