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Believing in the Light and Life of Christ


Jesus comes and goes; he makes his presence felt and then hides in silence as if he were not there.

maryqueensThis morning, at the first stroke of the bell for rising, he made his presence felt in my soul and asked for my love.  From the bottom of my heart I said to him: "O Jesus, I love you; I love you.  Come to me, fill me with yourself; absorb my whole being, live in me so that my life may be your life."  He desires nothing but to live in us and work in us the prodigies of his divine love.

What wonderful things love can do!  I could tell you everything, but it is impossible.  Silence says the most about the things of God.  Silence attracts my soul because it is the language of heaven.  "There," the Lord says, "when all have been made one with me, we shall understand each other perfectly in perfect silence."  All the aspirations of our soul must be completely satisfied, and this desire for silence is the one I feel most keenly at the present time: to be able to understand each other without saying anything.

Silence in God — what things it tells me! I understand this when the divine light illuminates the darkness of my soul.  What I see and understand then! I understand my nothingness and my greatness.  Do not be surprised at the phrase, "my greatness," because it seems that the Lord makes me say it.  Many souls, because they do not believe or because they doubt that the goodness of God is so great that he gives infinite riches to his creatures, shares with them his own greatness, his divine being and all that he has — because they do not believe this, they deny God's attributes of mercy and liberality.  For that reason, I said "my greatness" without any fear, because what I mean is that I believe that I have received great gifts from God; and because I believe that he has given them to me, I call them mine.  The Lord makes me understand my nothingness when he withdraws his light…making me feel my incapacity for everything.... Convinced of my impotence, I experience my greatness because God lives in me and what is his is mine.



Venerable Mother Mary Magdalen of Jesus in the Eucharist, c.p. "Believing in the Light and Life of Christ." from Toward the Heights of Union with God (Passionist Nuns Monastery, Whiteside, KY: 1972).

The Author

MMagdalenaVenerable Mother Mary Magdalen of Jesus in the Eucharist, c.p. was a Passionist nun from Spain and a spiritual writer. She is the author, with  Fr. John G. Arintero, of Toward the Heights of Union with God.

Copyright © 1972 Passionist Nuns Monastery
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