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Chalice Sponsorship Brings Hope

  • HELEN T.

For almost 20 years, Chalice has been giving hope to families through education, improved nutrition and medical care. 


Helen's Journey: From Sponsored Child to Teacher

"As I excitedly face each new day with my precious Grade One pupils, I feel proud of what I have become thanks to those who bring change to the world through their selfless generosity.

I was once like the students I now teach.  In my younger years, my family lived in an area classified as an informal settlement (no access to municipal services).  During a typhoon or even in high tides, we endured many sleepless nights worrying our house could be swamped at any time.  I told myself I should do something to stop this cycle of poverty in our family.

No words can ever express how wonderful my life has been because of the dearest generosity of the Chalice Sponsorship Programme.  In my third year of high school, I learned I had a sponsor! In that moment, my simple aim became a higher goal and childish ambition turned into a grown up dream.  Everything blooms and hope had flourished, but it didn't mean that life was easy.  I understood that along with the blessing of sponsorship came the big responsibility of maintaining good grades to achieve my dreams.  Even though school didn't come easy, I still strived and studied, even to prove to myself that I deserved to be a sponsored child.

Bearing in my mind that the people whom I look up to, my beloved sponsors, are also sacrificing I endured every adversity.  Any hardship I've endured has molded me into the person I am today.  It shows me how merciful our Lord is; that whatever, whenever I pray, he is always listening.  Because of Him and His ever-beloved instruments including my sponsors, Chalice and my loving family, I fortunately attained my ultimate vocation as a teacher.

As a teacher, I share everything I have learned with my dearest pupils.  Giving them all the patience, love and care in my heart is a true gift and their gratitude is my warmest reward.  Furthermore, as I look at my journey, I've already seen the fruit that has been produced.  Today I can provide for some of my family's needs and help in repairing our simple and humble home.  I feel so happy when I see the smiles of my parents as I share my salary with them.  Through these blessings, I am even more inspired to strive harder in my chosen career.

To the people behind this marvelous endeavor, thank you very much.  I may not have the power to thank all of you individually, but please believe that you are always in my mind.  To my sponsors, I will forever be thankful."



Chalice is a Catholic Sponsorship Programme, currently working in 57 sites in 15 countries around the world.  Stories like the one below (from Helen in the Philippines), is one of the strongest endorsements of the success that comes with building a trustworthy, transparent organization that strives to bring Christ to the poor and the poor to Christ through the selfless generosity of sponsors who want to work with us to build a better world for all of God's children.

Chalice has been named a top charity in International Aid & Development for the past six years by MoneySense Magazine, attaining top grades in the areas of efficiency, fundraising, reserve fund and governance.  In the 2016 ratings, Chalice received an A+ in all four categories.

To see children awaiting sponsorship or to learn more about Chalice, please visit our websites:  in Canada — or in the US —



Helen T. "Chalice Sponsorship Brings Hope." Chalice (February 15, 2016).

Reprinted with permission of Chalice

The Author

Helen T. was sponsored through Chalice for 5.5 years, from Feb. 2009 through October 2014. She wrote this letter of thanks to Chalice  after she graduated and was working as a grade one teacher. The letter was written in 2015 and was published on the Chalice website on February 15, 2016.

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