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The Gay Divorcees

Announcing the results of his long-term "evolution" on the subject last week, President Obama revived the debate over gay marriage. In the widespread discussion, however, there is one question that's rarely asked: How interested are gay couples in getting married?

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The Premarital Sex 'Test Drive'

During a 2011 roundtable discussion on Fox News, guest commentator Jay Thomas argued that young people should not be too concerned when it comes to pre-marital sex, because nobody would choose to "buy a car without driving it first."

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The Meaning of Sexual Differences

"I teach a course on 'Philosophy of Human Sexuality,' and I must have read fifty to a hundred books on the topic. On the Meaning of Sex is, quite simply, number one, especially for this generation. It is deep yet clear, reverent yet punchy, sound yet relevant, idealistic yet realistic, thoughtful yet exciting. It makes boredom impossible. The style is as beautiful as the content." - Peter Kreeft

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