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When Death is Our Physician

The most effective weapons in the pro-assisted-suicide arsenal are fear-mongering, distortion, euphemism, half-truths, and lies, all deployed to the drumbeat of choice. False arguments are gladly spread by the contemporary media, which avoid depth and context, preferring 30-second sound bites, tabloidism, and soap-opera shallowness.

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Eugenics to Euthanasia

In reflecting on physician-assisted suicide, the first lesson for our lawmakers is that any killing motivated by a distorted sense of mercyno matter how many reasonable and honeyed words endorse itleads to killing that has nothing at all to do with the best interests of those killed.

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Who decides when care is futile?

Throughout the U.S.and Canada, hospitals and medical associations are quietly adopting formal "futile care" policies which are nothing less than the modern equivalent of exposing unwanted infants on hills and abandoning the infirm and elderly by the side of the trail.

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