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The Case of Terri Shiavo

A friend of mine and I had an argument over Terri Schiavo as to whether food and water should be stopped to allow her to die. I said that to do so would really be like killing her. She said that she is going to die anyway. Is there any Church teaching on this matter?

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Remembering Reagan

President Reagan would not want to become a poster child for fetal stem cell research. This is not the memorial that he would want, not the crusade that he would have wished his wife to embark upon.

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Continent Death: Euthanasia in Europe

Self-delusion is rampant in the euthanasia movement. Most proponents recognize that it is inherently dangerous to legalize killing. But they desperately want to believe that they can control the grim reaper. Thus, they continue to peddle the nonsense that "guidelines will protect against abuse" despite overwhelming empirical evidence to the contrary.

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Current euthanasia law in the Netherlands

Previously, because euthanasia was prohibited in the Penal Code, the physician had to prove that he/she had fulfilled the requirements. Under the new arrangements, the Public Prosecutor has to prove that the physician has not fulfilled the requirements, in order to start prosecution. This is a significant shift.

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Technology and Life's Dominion

In the thirty years since "Roe v. Wade", science and technology have continued their forward march. Ultrasound has advanced from the grainy black and white shadows of yesteryear to movies in living color. Little wonder that obstetricians are increasingly reluctant to perform abortions. Who, after all, could consider a fetus as life unworthy of living, once they've held its hand?

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Euthanasia Practices in the Netherlands

Euthanasia in the Netherlands has gone from requiring terminal illness to no physical illness at all, from physical suffering to depression only, from conscious patients to unconscious, from those who can consent to those who cannot, and from being a measure of last resort to one of early intervention.

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Non-Voluntary Euthanasia

Advocates of legalised euthanasia almost always insist that they only want voluntary euthanasia (VE) a they say they are as opposed to the taking of life without the subjects knowledge or consent, that is, non-voluntary euthanasia (NVE), as anyone else.

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When Death is Our Physician

The most effective weapons in the pro-assisted-suicide arsenal are fear-mongering, distortion, euphemism, half-truths, and lies, all deployed to the drumbeat of choice. False arguments are gladly spread by the contemporary media, which avoid depth and context, preferring 30-second sound bites, tabloidism, and soap-opera shallowness.

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