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The One Ring and Pornography

One moment during the lowest point of their journey, when all seems lost in the black ashes of Mordor, Samwise Gamgee asks Frodo whether he can remember the taste of good food and the feeling of warmth.  

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Abstinence Education in Context

In addition to describing the outcomes of the different approaches to sex education, in this chapter we examine their foundational premises and assumptions, with the intent to clarify not only what does or does not work but also the reasons for success or failure.

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Educating for Character in the Sexual Domain

Before the sexual revolution, the societal norm was to treat sex as a serious matter, requiring prudent moral boundaries that channel this powerful drive in ways that benefit, rather than hurt, the individual, family, and society.  

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Collegiate Sex-Ed

Every fall, kids arrive on college campuses and learn that their basic moral intuitions on sexual matters don't square with the reigning ideas. 

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Q. What's wrong with looking at pornography? It's not like you are getting a girl pregnant or spreading STDs.

A. The problem with using porn is that it emasculates men, degrades women, destroys marriages, and offends the Lord.

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