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Why Has the West Become Neopagan?

Educators are rightly concerned that young people are not learning to enjoy reading. But in an effort to stimulate interest, they are introducing many books"of questionable merit, books which present to the young a neopagan world view.

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The Restoration of Christian Storytelling

The imagination was originally created to be God's territory, a faculty of man's soul that would help him to comprehend the invisible realities. Though the modern imagination has reverted to the pre-pagan split in consciousness, haunted and malformed by false stories, the territory can be reclaimed.

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Are Christians Intolerant?

How very difficult it is to resist an entire culture, and especially for children to do so, because it is a right"and good thing for children to grow into awareness of being members of a broader community.

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The New Illiteracy

The new visual media is pleasurable, but it is a tyrant. While the reader's imagination can select what it wishes to focus on, in electronic visual media the mind is pummeled with powerful stimuli that bypass conscious and subconscious defenses.

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Invasion of the Imagination

For all those teachers and parents who feel uneasy -- without quite know why -- about the whole genre of modern children's fantasy, i.e. Goosebumps, Fear Street, and the Dune novels, here is Michael O'Brien's incisive analysis...

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Vigilance, Paranoia, and Uncle Walt

Michael O'Brien reviews all the major Disney films in terms of the moral lessons they teach our children. While some of the early films are quite good, more recent Disney remakes of the timeless classics tend to trivialize the characters and strip the tales of their original moral content.

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